LoCoSports: Potomac Falls Ace Nate Savino Strikes Out 18 Against Riverside

The pitcher stood on the mound, his white jersey smeared with dirt. He settled himself and then went into his windup. His right leg rose into the air and as it landed, his entire body twisted, his torso turned square to the plate. His left arm came forward in an easy and almost effortless delivery, hurling a five-ounce white sphere towards a hapless batter at a speed of 94 miles per hour.

The batter flailed helplessly and missed the fastball, one of the many heaters Potomac Falls junior Nate Savino blew past the opposing batters in his season-opening, 18-strikeout shutout win, 5-0, over the Riverside Rams.

“I just threw strikes got ahead early, knew I could beat them,” Savino said. “I just go on the mound and do what I can do.”

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