Drug Connection Pursued in Fatal Shooting Investigation

State Police investigators are pursuing a drug connection in Sunday’s fatal shooting of a Loudoun man.

Police have charged Dale Lee Wright, 50, of Charles Town, WV, with first-degree murder in the March 17 shooting of Jeffrey B. Evans.

According to police reports, the two men arranged to meet at a gravel parking lot near the Shenandoah River off Rt. 7 on Castleman Road just after 11 a.m. Sunday. They were there to conduct a “business transaction.”

During the meeting, an altercation occurred and Wright allegedly shot Evans multiple times. Evans attempted to flee in his truck, but crashed after driving across Rt. 7. He died at the scene. Wright allegedly fled; he was identified as the suspect though witness reports and was arrested Wednesday.

Wright also is charged with use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

In addition to investigating Wright’s action in the case, state police are looking into Evans’ activities. Evans, 72, was the owner of Lenah Auto Service.

On Monday, authorities searched Evan’s Foggy Bottom Road home near Bluemont. According the warrant, they are investigating his possible involvement with marijuana possession and distribution, after finding photos on Facebook showing Evans displaying marijuana and large amounts of cash. Investigators seized computers, thumb drives, a cell phone, “green plant material,” and documents.

In contacting the last person Evans called on his phone, investigators were told that he had arranged the meeting with Wright to buy an antique truck. A large amount of cash and a weapon were found in Evan’s truck, the warrant stated.

The warrant also noted that the lot were the meeting occurred is known as a place for drug and other criminal activity.

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