Letter: Guy Potucek, Ashburn

Editor: I’m writing in regard to your article regarding John Whitbeck’s fundraising for County Chairman. Loudoun Now should have spent a bit more time researching the PAC that is one of the top contributors to Mr. Whitbeck’s campaign.

Loudoun residents deserve to know who is seeking to influence our Board of Supervisors race. A quick search for the Conservatives for Effective Government PAC will show that it is not a registered PAC with the Virginia Board of Elections. As a federal PAC it has not filed any contributions in 2019 and only had cash on hand of $10,802 at the end of 2018. Even more interesting, there is a 2016 investigation by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington that which found that the PAC serves “as a pass through for big money, allowing donors to put an extra barrier between themselves and disclosure.”

I’d really like to know who is funding Mr. Whitbeck’s campaign. I can navigate through Chair Randall’s contributors to see who is investing in her campaign. But I challenge anyone to figure out who funding the Conservatives for Effective Government PAC and explain why they are supporting Mr. Whitbeck’s campaign.

Guy Potucek, Ashburn

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  • 2019-04-19 at 6:27 pm

    Guy, If you go to VPAP and dig into how the donors self-identify you will find BOTH of these candidates accept LARGE donations from developers. It is obvious what that means (especially to Western Loudoun, Northern Loudoun, ALL taxpayers and ALL commuters yet we still see a very small percentage of Loudoun residents voting. The less residents vote the more impact the party member shave on every election. It will be too late to complain when Eastern Loudoun is what is remembered as everything east of the West Virginia border with Route 7, 15 and 9 in permanent gridlock.What part of the Planning Commission words during the last hearing weren’t clear? The developers want their profits (return from investing in politicians) and the State wants income tax growth BOTH of which is what is really hapopening.

  • 2019-08-03 at 1:31 pm

    Guy, First, I am concerned with you’re record of hiding behind a Twitter Screen, and a Fake Username aka FormerGop, and harassing people as young as 15. I believe Loudoun Now should not be listening to a person, who has a history of making indecent jokes about minors, and doxxing them.

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