Letter: Mehr un Nisa Akbar, Aldie

Editor: Terrorism on Easter? With Ramadan and Eid just around the corner, I cannot help but question why these devils choose our religious holidays as days to spread their evil and darkness.

Holidays are celebrated to spread love and redemption. We are supposed to increase our faith in humanity just a little bit more on such special days by opening our hearts wider and deeper and embracing our fellow humans with more love and sympathy.

Whether it’s a radicalized Christian attacking Muslims in New Zealand on a blessed Friday or a terror-driven, so-called Muslim blowing himself up in a church on Easter or a shooter gunning down Jews worshipping solemnly in their synagogue in Pittsburgh, the perpetrators all practice the same religion—evil. They are all driven by the same force—hatred.

My heart bleeds for the victims in Sri Lanka and their families. This is yet another atrocity committed by monsters, who only look human and yet hold not even an ounce of humanity in them. I hope and pray that they never succeed in their evil designs.

Killing innocent worshippers is just a tool they use to create anarchy and spread bigotry and hate among our fellow humans. We are all one community and I stand strong with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in condemning such attacks. Our motto of “Love for all and hatred for none” is reaching corners of the Earth and I am sure there will be a day when love will reign over all our world.

Mehr un Nisa Akbar, Aldie

One thought on “Letter: Mehr un Nisa Akbar, Aldie

  • 2019-04-23 at 12:25 pm

    Good letter. Eagerly awaiting the politically motivated “Loudoun Interfaith Clergy” condemnation of the religiously motivated slaughter of Christians on a holy high day. I wonder if they’ll follow the democrat party line and refer to these Christians as just mere “Easter Worshippers?” Whatever that made up phrase means.

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