Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad Launches Recruiting Drive

The Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad is looking for new members.

“Our community needs to remember that when you call 911 for a medical emergency, we are 911,” said Sterling Rescue President Sam Neglia. “We are the ones who will respond to help. We need people who want to help their neighbors during times of crisis. Our volunteers receive exceptional training at no cost. They are ready to face any situation to ensure citizens receive the very best in emergency rescue and pre-hospital care.”

The demand for emergency rescue services in Loudoun County, and with it the need for more volunteer emergency responders, has been steadily growing for decades. In 2018 alone, Sterling Rescue received 7,646 calls for help. That’s over 100 more calls than it received in 2017, over 1,700 more calls than in 2013 and over 2,500 more calls than in 2010.

Today, Sterling Rescue has about 250 volunteer members operating out of three stations to handle the increasing volume. But staying ahead of the rising need for emergency services by recruiting more volunteers is a priority.

Sterling volunteers can serve in several roles, like Emergency Medical Technician. Volunteer EMTs give immediate help to the ill and injured, and live-saving care to patients while transporting them to the hospital.

Volunteers can also help in rescue operations. From structural collapses, to people trapped in confined spaces, to auto accidents and water rescues on the Potomac River, Sterling volunteers can help. Their members also make up Northern Virginia Task Force 8, which is deployed at the request of the governor or the Office of Emergency Medical Services to help out parts of Virginia affected by disaster.

Sterling also has an EMS Bike Team, created in 1996 as a new, innovative method of getting emergency medical services to the population.

There are hundreds of miles of highly-populated bike paths, trails and parks in and around Loudoun that are out of reach to most fire and rescue vehicles. The team is frequently called to help surrounding jurisdictions with searches, event stand-bys and public relations events. The team also attends community events, picnics, block parties, and parades.

Sterling Rescue also needs administrative volunteers to handle the business affairs and other managerial responsibilities that keep the rescue squad running. Administrative volunteer opportunities include logistics and fleet management, fundraising, marketing, grant writing, vehicle maintenance and information technology, among others.

To help with the recruiting drive, the Sterling volunteers have hired The Communication Solutions Group Inc., a full-service public relations and marketing firm based in Jenkintown, PA. The firm has worked with other volunteer EMS and rescue squads and fire departments in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The company has also unveiled a new slogan: “Empowered to save. Inspired to serve,” representing the pride volunteers have in being at their best and helping others when they’re facing some of the worst moments of their lives, according to the company.

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