Two Longtime Staffers Announce Retirements

There will soon be some new faces in Leesburg’s Public Works & Capital Projects Department, as two long-time employees have announced their retirements.

Charlie Mumaw and Tom Brandon have been employed in Town Hall for 31 and almost 13 years, respectively.

Charlie Mumaw

Mumaw joined the town two years after his graduation from Virginia Tech, where he studied engineering. Prior to joining town staff, he worked for Fairfax-based Christopher Consultants, where he also did summer work during his college years.

While he is hanging up his public-sector shoes for the time being, Mumaw does not plan to completely retire. This summer, after taking about a month’s break following his last day in Town Hall May 31, he will launch his own company, Storm H2O, LLC. The company will work with the private sector, like HOAs and commercial developments, to provide stormwater engineering and compliance reporting. It will be similar to work he has done for the town, but “my terms, my time,” Mumaw said.

“After 31 years I just decided it’s time,” he added. “I knew at some point I’d have to retire and I thought better now when I’ve still got some energy left at 55.”

Mumaw started his work in Leesburg in 1988 when the town was decidedly smaller, with a population of 12,500. His initial responsibilities included reviewing plans and serving as a staff-level engineer, but in his three-plus decades with the town he saw his responsibilities grow. Currently, as public works manager, he oversees the town’s MS4 permit programand trash and recycling contract. As one of his last hurrahs, he recently presented the Town Council with a new program that would involve goats in taming the vegetative growth along the town’s waterways, rather than herbicides.

In addition to his new venture, Mumaw said he is also looking forward to spending more time with his family, which includes his wife and four children, and working on some projects in his Waterford home.

Mumaw’s replacement has not yet been named. His position has been posted as stormwater and environmental engineering manager.

Brandon, who serves as the town’s capital projects manager, has spent his entire time

Tom Brandon

in Leesburg as a member of the capital projects staff. Prior to joining the town government, he worked in consulting for several engineering firms.

Reflecting back on his career in Town Hall, the Leesburg resident pointed to the many projects he played a hand in, from the completion of Battlefield Parkway to the widenings of both South King Street and Sycolin Road, to the openings of both the tennis bubble and outdoor pool at Ida Lee Park. All these projects occurred while the town’s population surged and construction contracts grew in complexity. Brandon said one of the things that he has been most excited to witness is the resurgence of the downtown area into a vibrant destination, one he is able to regularly enjoy as a Crescent Place resident.

In retirement, Brandon said he is looking forward to traveling more, with three weeks in Turkey planned for June, and spending time with his grandchildren.

Filling Brandon’s shoes will be Terry Yates, who has his own experience with large-scale projects. Yates comes to the town following eight years with VDOT, where he most recently served as assistant director of transportation and land use for Arlington and Fairfax counties. He and his team were recently recognized by VDOT’s chief engineer for innovation by partnering with the Federal Highway Administration to design and build a modular roundabout in Fairfax County, the first of its type in Virginia and the largest in the U.S.

Yates has 35 years of civil engineering experience and is a professional engineer in

Terry Yates

Virginia. He holds bachelor’s degrees in architectural and civil engineering and is currently completing his master’s degree in construction engineering management. Yates said he was interested in coming to Leesburg because he has always liked the character of the town and the type of work he will be doing is very intriguing.

“I know I have big shoes to fill as the new capital projects manager. However, I am very excited about the opportunity and energized by the challenge,” Yates stated.

Yates and his wife, Toni, are Leesburg residents and have four children and three grandchildren.


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