Letter: Gracie Marchante, Harmony Middle School

Editor: Police Brutality. Two simple words. I’m sure many people have heard of it, but don’t know much about it. This needs to change. People need to know about the unnecessary force many police officers use. People need to realize how often it happens, and how many many times there aren’t any consequences. We all need to be aware of how this is slowly damaging our lives.

Police officers don’t always use unnecessary force, but when they do, it tends to go unrecognized. In most cases, when police officers do use extensive force, it is usually towards minorities. Studies even show that police usually use their force against racial stereotypes. Imagine just walking down the street and you are trying to get your phone from your back pocket and a police officer just comes at you. You think to yourself, Since when did a cell phone become a weapon.That’s when you realize that the only reason you got tackled was because of your skin color. That doesn’t sound right to me. I mean, why do we have to be judged by the color of skin. Why can’t people who aren’t from the United States, just live life without being scared of getting attacked for not being white? This shouldn’t be the case. Police officers shouldn’t be so quick to judge a person. I’m sure everyone has heard the saying Don’t judge a book by its cover, so why should we judge a person by their color?

Although, police officers want to protect the people to the best of their abilities, using unnecessary force is not the way to do it. “Police officers, they argue, are merely trying to do their best in a very dangerous job, and rarely use excessive force” (InfoBaseLearning). Yes, being a police officer is a very risky job, but that doesn’t mean that you should be able to use your force whenever you fear a sign of trouble. When a person enlists to be a police officer, they know the risks that they sign up for. Though the police officers argue that they rarely use excessive force, it shouldn’t hide the fact that some do. I am not questioning our police forces, I am just merely saying that we need to raise awareness. Though the  police forces do everything they can to keep us safe, sometimes they can put people in more danger. Whenever it is on the news that a police officer used excessive force we need to do something about it.

Police brutality does not happen as often as it did in the sixties, but it definitely still does happen. We need to raise awareness and have people realize what many police officers get away with. Everybody needs to know that some police officers take advantage of their forces and use them when it is not necessary to. Awareness needs to be spread across the state so that our police officers know that they should only use their forces when needed.

Gracie Marchante, Harmony Middle School

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