Letter: Luke Murtaugh, Harmony Middle School

Editor: Our nation’s youth has found the next addictive cigarette alternative, the e-cigarette. It is filled with nicotine, the very addictive chemical, whose effects have been known for years. Although e-cigarettes can be used by adults who want to quit smoking regular cigarettes, if kids use them, then they are more likely to try other recreational substances. When someone inhales the vapor from an e-cigarette, there are breathing in many harmful substances, and they don’t even know it. E-cigarettes are causing many problems within our nation’s youth.

The reason kids seem “addicted” to e-cigarettes, is because they really are, is because they really are, E-cigarettes have more nicotine than regular cigarettes.  In the early 1960s, our nation was obsessed with cigars, they were it. It seemed as if people couldn’t get enough of them, we actually could not. Cigars are packed full of nicotine, just like e-cigarettes, and we know how the whole cigar situation turned out.  With the substantial amount of nicotine in every pod, if a person uses e-cigarettes regularly not only will they become addicted, their body will be harmed in the process. “When you let nicotine into your body you become more likely to become addicted to it” (CDC). Nicotine is a very harmful substance that can do all sorts of damage.

Many people have turned to the e-cigarette to help them stop smoking real cigarettes.  This can lead to someone curing their addiction. However, there is no reason why a child should have an e-cigarette. There are many extra bad choices someone could make if they use e-cigarettes.”If you vape early in your life, you are at a higher risk to take on other smoking habits later in life” (Greenhills Pediatric).  Just by using an e-cigarette, a child is potentially allowing themselves to be exposed to other types of recreational substances. Using e-cigarettes can set kids on a bad path.

E-cigarettes are a huge detriment on our nation’s youth.  They have the highly addictive substance known as nicotine, which can also harm a child’s brain.  They also put children at a higher risk of using other recreational substances. Also, kids don’t know what they are inhaling, they don’t even know that they are harming their body.  E-cigarettes are something that can’t fall into the hands of a child, we can stop it.

Luke Murtaugh, Harmony Middle School

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