Letter: Paige Wenham, Harmony Middle School

Editor: The generations biggest focus is technology, because it is the only thing a lot of us know. Having a phone is this day and age is a necessity or a need. It is reasonable to say that the technology has taken over the world and has no intention on stopping.

I personally dislike technology and the toll it has taken on young minds. I won’t disagree with the fact that it has helped us majorly when it comes to stronger communication, government, and businesses. People have lost the touch of being social and having real interactions.

Our society’s phone is as valuable as a child’s teddy bear. A child can not go to bed knowing he doesn’t have his teddy bear. They will say that they wish they never had a phone, but they only mean that if no one else had a phone. If you are the only person who doesn’t have a phone out of a large group that all do, your automatically less educated on everything that has happened in everyone else’s lives.

Online apps have taken over the world. When was the last time you have used a dvd player, or do you still go to the store to buy music cds. Apps like netflix and spotify is a simpler way to do these things. Why go to the movies when you are soon going to be able to buy it on your own TV.

I love looking at old worn out polaroids of my mom and dad, and their parents. I love looking at old cds and records they have, because all of that means so much. What are we going to do when people like me can’t do that with my children? We think too much about a way of making things easier rather than making them last.

Paige Wenham, Harmony Middle School

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