Letter: Jill Weiss, Leesburg

Editor: In March, a man with a loaded gun was arrested at Tuscarora High School. Two weeks later, there was an online threat to kill minorities at our school. We’ve been asking LCPS for enhanced security ever since.

If school administrators have reason to believe the online threat to kill was not credible, why haven’t they told us? If not, why haven’t they done anything to improve our security?

If the Leesburg Police Department doesn’t have enough officers to protect us, hire Sheriff’s Office deputies. If LCPS can’t afford that, hire professional security guards. If LCPS can’t even afford that, please give us the security guard who is stationed at the School Administration Building every day and on evenings whenever there are meetings. We’ve had an actual threat to kill people at our school. Our students and staff deserve consistent, visible security. We do not currently have that.

As we continue to hear about more and more school shootings, School Board members continue to sit on the dais, meeting after meeting, ignoring our concerns. This has been going on for nearly two months. Last week in Colorado, after parents’ concerns about safety and security had been repeatedly ignored by their district’s school board and administrators, eight students were shot and one died. If the threat to kill at Tusky is carried out, it will have been foreseeable and potentially avoidable.

Ignoring concerns about student safety, while protecting themselves with security guards, is unconscionable. These are our elected officials and their constituents deserve better. Now.

Jill Weiss, Leesburg

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