Letter: Robert M. Gordon, Paeonian Springs

Editor: My friend Chris Harmison is seeking the Democratic nomination for Loudoun County Sheriff.  He has a Democratic primary coming up on June 11, and I urge everyone to vote for Chris, because he has an unblemished record of integrity and experience.  Chris Harmison has worked in law enforcement for 40 years, including four years as the Chief Deputy of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office.  Chris knows the job, and the office, inside out and enjoys the respect of the deputies.

Chris Harmison’s opponent, a young man named Justin Hannah, is by contrast a mystery man. When I first read about Hannah, who has some military background, my reaction was, I respect that, but what type of law enforcement experience does he have that would qualify him to manage the largest sheriff’s office in the Commonwealth of Virginia?  The answer is, NONE.    Justin Hannah has no law enforcement experience whatsoever.

Hannah’s web site says that he “currently … is in command of a unit with direct ties to policing.  He commands a unit that is the only of its kind in the U.S. Army.”  The name of the unit is not stated. However, the same web site says that “since being discharged from active duty, Justin has remained in the reserves …” Which is it? Is he in the Army in command of an unspecified unit, or is he not?

His web site goes on to say, that since being discharged, Hannah has “worked as a Senior Analyst for BAE Systems, a TSA Employee, and an investigative analyst for the U.S. Government.”  Nowhere does it say where Hannah is currently employed, or even if he is currently employed. Public records of the Loudoun County General District Court show that Hannah has been sued three times in the past three years by his HOA for nonpayment of HOA dues, resulting in judgments against him. Is this the kind of openness and stability we are looking for in the top law enforcement officer of Loudoun County?

Chris Harmison’s record is completely open, and he can be found every day, working for the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office, serving and protecting the public.  His opponent, by contrast, is a mystery man who strikes me as a young man looking for a career, rather than the person you want to run an 800-person office.

Vote for experience, vote Chris Harmison on June 11.

Robert M. Gordon, Paeonian Springs

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  • 2019-05-28 at 5:12 pm

    There really is no mystery. The kid moved into Loudoun three years ago and senses an opportunity and is going for it. It doesn’t matter that he has gone through three or four jobs in as many years since graduating from college, or that he does not pay his bills in a timely fashion (or at all, in some cases). It doesn’t matter that he announced that he was running to be a senator, but changed his mind a couple of weeks later, stating he decided he wanted to be a sheriff instead (Perhaps John Bell, who is running as a democrat for that position, helped change Hanna’s mind when he promised him his endorsement and lent him a staffer). Sure, he has absolutely no experience in law enforcement and that he exaggerates his resume and accomplishments. Welcome to Gen Z – give them what they want even if they don’t pay their dues (figuratively,as well as literally!!!) If this kid wins due to the extreme viewpoints held by some dems, Chapman wins in November: Translation – EVERYBODY LOSES

  • 2019-05-28 at 5:25 pm

    Statement of Hanna Campaign:

    On May 28, 2019, a letter to the Editor from a Mr. Gordon of Paeonian Springs was posted on the website of Loudoun Now, which attacked Justin Hannah and his candidacy for Loudoun Sheriff. At its best, this letter was misleading and lacking context. At its worst it, it appears to be intentionally false. Below are rebuttals to each of the FALSE claims he made.

    1. Hannah has no experience and can’t run the Sheriff’s Office.​ ​FALSE

    a. Justin was active duty military on and off since 2009. During that time, he ran military intelligence investigations for the US Army, including in Afghanistan where he worked in support of U.S. Special Forces. In that time, he commanded hundreds of soldiers and when he was assigned to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency he managed a $78 Million budget to set up and reorganize our intelligence infrastructure in Eastern Europe.

    b. Since leaving active duty and becoming a traditional reservist in mid-2018, he took command the U.S. Army’s “Rule of Law” unit, it is a mobile law enforcement unit in the reserves that trains to deploy into a hostile country, set up and maintain a local law enforcement apparatus and enforce the rule of law. The writer of the letter clearly does not understand how the reserve system works, because he also stated Justin could not be in the reserves and command a unit.

    2. Justin Hannah is not currently employed.​ ​FALSE
    a. In his statement, the writer lists Justin’s current job and then says he cannot confirm that he is employed. Justin is an investigative analyst for the Federal Government. Specifically, he is a contractor for the DoD at the Pentagon.

    3. Justin Hannah did not pay his HOA fees in 2017, 2018, 2019.​ ​FALSE

    a. At the end of 2017, There was a billing snafu that caused him to miss an HOA payment. Once he discovered the issue, he sought to correct it and paid the balance owed. His HOA sought a judgement (filed in 2017) against him for the payment he missed, as is their process for any missed payment. Additionally, they sought a separate judgment (filed in 2018) for the entirety of his upcoming 2018 HOA fees. Even as they were going through their process, he had paid what he owed in back-fees. Additionally, he made all his payments before and since the error. The entirety of his 2017 and 2018 HOA fees were paid in full.

    b. In 2019, Justin was forced to miss a payment during the Government shutdown because as a government worker, he was not being paid. His partner was not working, at the time, after having just given birth to their second child. Justin made the decision to make sure his family had food on the table and decided not pay his HOA dues on time during the Shutdown. The HOA again filed suit to claim all of his 2019 HOA fees upfront, again as a part of their process for any missed payment. Since then, he has worked with the collections lawyer for his HOA to pay back what was owed. As of the end of this month, May 2019, he will be fully up-to-date with his fees and, barring another financial catastrophe or bureaucratic mix up, he will continue to pay his fee monthly as he always does.

  • 2019-05-28 at 7:48 pm

    If Mr. Hannah works for the Pentagon, isn’t he prohibited by the Hatch Act from running for office? If he is employed by a government contractor, why does he not just name his employer? What is the name on his paycheck? It seems fishy to me to not be clear about who employs him.
    As to the HOA dues, in my experience, they don’t automatically file a lawsuit, they send notices out and try and collect the money before spending legal fees. Litigation is a last resort, and so the failure to pay the HOA dues repeatedly over a three year period can’t be blamed on a bureaucratic mixup or Donald Trump. . . .give me a break.

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