Letter: Jennifer Siletzky, Ashburn

Editor: The strange case of Chis Harmison just got stranger this week when Loudoun Now ran a letter to the editor from Bob Gordon supporting Harmison as the Democrat candidate for sheriff.

That’s Bob Gordon the well-known Republican, and Chris Harmison, a life-long Republican until the day he announced a run as a Democrat against his former boss, Sheriff Mike Chapman.
Harmison’s motivation all along has been revenge. He failed to get reappointed to his job in the Sheriff’s Office and now works as an entry-level court bailiff in Fairfax County. Gordon’s motivation may be no better. His wife is serving as Harmison’s campaign manager and she also used to work for Chapman.
Justin Hannah has no such conflicts or motivations. Simply put, he’s the only Democrat running for sheriff. While Harmison has Republican Bob Gordon funding him, Hannah is backed by Democrat State Delegate John Bell, Blue Ridge District Democrat candidate Tia Walbridge, and many others.
Democrats have an easy choice in the primary election on June 11. Vote Justin Hannah!

Jennifer Siletzky, Ashburn

3 thoughts on “Letter: Jennifer Siletzky, Ashburn

  • 2019-05-31 at 2:43 pm

    Maybe you can ask Bazooka Johnny Bell if the new wal-mart has any good deals on Bazookas, grenades, and flame throwers. According to him, they’re available for purchase everywhere. Maybe you can also ask him what he gave Hannah to drop out of the primary race?

  • 2019-06-03 at 7:17 am

    Its pretty clear from the drumbeat, that Chapman supporters are rallying around Justin Hannah, funding him and writing letters for him. Why? They know Chapman can beat Hannah with one hand tied behind his back. If electability and experience to actually do the job are of any importance, vote Harmison on June 11. Of course there are lots of people supporting Harmison because they dislike Chapman on a personal level. That’s because Chapman is a bad guy, bad for the Sheriff’s Office, and thus bad for the safety of Loudoun County residents. Chapman has well earned the enmity of Bob Gordon and others who support Chris Harmison.

  • 2019-06-08 at 8:10 pm

    Once again, Chapman gets his minions to write comments in an effort to manipulate/influence the democrats into voting for Hannah. He is scared to death to face Harmison in a general election. I hear he tried to have money diverted from Republican coffers to Hannah’s campaign and is encouraging republicans to vote in the democratic primary for Hannah. Chapman is up to his sleazy, unethical, tricks again this election, however he is somewhat hampered because his felonious campaign manager was arrested by the FBI recently. I wonder if he flips and gives up Chapman before the election.

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