On The Ballot: Candidates for Loudoun’s Nov. 5 Election

* incumbent

Board of Supervisors

Chairman At Large

Robert J. Ohneiser (I)

Phyllis Randall (D)*

John C. L. Whitbeck, Jr. (R)

Algonkian District

Juli Briskman (D)

Suzanne Volpe (R)*

Ashburn District

Rich W. McMunn (R) -—withdrawn

Mick Staton (R)

Mike Turner (D)

Blue Ridge

Tony R. Buffington, Jr. (R)*

Tia Walbridge (D)

Broad Run

Jim G. Bonfils (R)

Sylvia Glass (D)


James Forest Hayes (D)

Caleb A. Kershner (R)

Samuel Kroiz (I)


Matthew F. Letourneau (R)*

Sreedhar Nagireddi (D)


Kristen C. Umstattd (D)*


Damien P. Katsirubas (I)

Koran T. Saines (D)*

Constitutional Offices

Commissioner of the Revenue

Sridhar Amudhanar (D)

Robert S. “Bob” Wertz, Jr. (R)*

Commonwealth’s Attorney

Buta Biberaj (D)

Nicole Wittmann (R)

County Sheriff

Michael L. “Mike” Chapman (R)*

Justin Hannah (D)

County Treasurer

Kannan Srinivasan (D)

Roger Zurn, Jr. (R)*

School Board

At Large

Denise R. Corbo

Kenya A. Savage

Julia L. “Julie” Sisson

Algonkian District

Atoosa Reaser

Melanie F. Turner

Ashburn District

Eric D. Hornberger*

Harris Mahedavi

Blue Ridge District

Ian Serotkin

Ramachandran Venkatachalam

Broad Run District

Andrew T. Hoyler

Leslee M. King

Catoctin District

Jenna M. Alexander

John P. Beatty

Zerell S. Johnson-Welch

Dulles District

Jeff E. Morse*

Leesburg District

Beth R. Barts

Joseph J. Newcomer

Sterling District

Michael J. “Mike” Neely

Brenda Sheridan

Soil and Water Conservation District Board

John Flannery *

George Melik-Agamirian

Marina R. Schumacher*

Jasvinder “Jimmy” Singh

Michelle C. Thomas

James K. Wylie*

General Assembly

10thHouse District

Wendy Gooditis (D)*

Randall “Randy” Minchew (R)

32nd House District

David A. Reid (D)*

33rdHouse District

Dave A. LaRock (R)*

Mavis B. Taintor (D)

34thHouse District

Kathleen J. Murphy (D)*

Gary G. Pan (R)

67thHouse District

Karrie K. Delaney (D)

86th House District

Ibraheem S. Samirah (D)*

87thHouse District

Suhas Subramanyan (D)

William M. Drennan, Jr. (R)

13thSenate District

Geary M. Higgins (R)

John J. Bell (D)

27thSenate District

Ronald J. Ross, III (D)

Jill Vogel (R)*

31stSenate District

Barbara Favola (D)*

33rdSenate District

Jennifer Boysko (D)*

Suzanne Fox (R)

One thought on “On The Ballot: Candidates for Loudoun’s Nov. 5 Election

  • 2019-06-23 at 11:14 am

    Congrats to Editor for publishing the full list early so folks can do some checking on qualifications. Very few Supervisor positions are being sought by non-party affiliated candidates such as myself. The Chair is very important in establishing the business agenda and representing the entire county for this full time position. Partisans will always portray an independent candidate as not electable. In this case I actually received more votes when running countywide for Commonwealth Attorney than Phyllis Randall received and John Whitbeck never won an election yet has a full time law firm to run. As a recently retired attorney and executive level businessman I chose not to accept campaign donations as this should be about being willing to serve the community not provide for a return on real estate developer investments in road signage etc. Further information including documentation over one hundred school board decisions I made can be reviewed on Facebook – “candidatebobohneiser”. All BOS decisions should be made from the perspective of fairness, efficiency and community support. Too many times our elections are covered with meaningless rhetoric filled with easily deniable pronouns. I prefer to give examples so in plain terms a diligent voter can discern what to expect.

    Fairness is exemplified by the fact that home owners pay the full market value of their homes in property taxes yet Howard Hughes Medical Institute pays nothing while having a $500 million office/lab and overt 600 acres of landscaped property. Small unbuilt lot owners in overlay districts are assessed as if an average home could be built even if it only perks for two bedrooms while trailer park owners aren’t even taxes for the rental stream they receive from some of the poorest residents in the county. Loudoun resident commuters are also treated unfairly as they pay the same price as non-residents for buses Loudoun owns, Metro which loudoun contributes $370 million plus to and even the Greenway which is subsidized by Loudoun severely under-assessing it.

    Efficiency is exemplified by the BOS not conditioning the $1.3 Billion budget to LCPS expecting appropriate bus utilization levels, minimum class sizes, capped executive pay, parental input allowed into LCPS performance reviews, joint bidding for commodity items with other counties to lower costs, written financial justifications for all major capital expenditures (not done with turf fields) and requiring bidding for lucrative LCPS contracts.

    Community support is exemplified by making sure our most struggling residents such as the homeless, working poor and near homeless get the help needed. I spent 10 years on the Good Shepherd Board so I understand why this is important to all County residents. Please remember both party sponsored candidates have developers supporting them and I am the only candidate for chair of the BOS who has already publicly opposed the new comprehensive plan which exacerbates our top three problems in the county – taxes too high, traffic too awful and LCPS growing too fast not to mention the obvious future threat to the western Loudoun as soon as builders catch up with the current housing backlog. Tell your neighbors who are registered to VOTE!!!

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