Letter: Christine Breighner, Ashburn

Editor: Are we really still wasting time, energy, money on the minor issue of roadside signs?

Now that you’ve wiped out the farmers’ signs—they’re paying fines or trying to get waivers and no one knows where to get fresh eggs—but Ron Meyer and Suhas Subramanyam still want my vote on Tuesday (three days ago). Condos (with elevators!) are still available at Ashburn Overlook—mid-600s! Did you know there are single-level condos available for 55+ along Loudoun County Parkway?

Either enforce the roadside law or change it and allow rural businesses a reasonable solution. What makes sense? Oh, politics, right …. common sense doesn’t fit into the equation.

Christine Breighner, Ashburn


One thought on “Letter: Christine Breighner, Ashburn

  • 2019-06-15 at 9:36 pm

    I am guessing you didn’t read the part of the story where the county said they do not enforcemzoning unless someone complains. Did you egg man put up an offensive sign and draw a complaint? Probably not.

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