Letter: Deborah Morbeto, Leesburg

Editor: As a taxpaying active member of our community, I am appalled to learn that Tom Dunn, an elected official on the Leesburg Town Council, is using his position to promote hate. During the past week, he signed several proclamations with divisive language rather than his signature.

On a proclamation asking for an LGBTQ Pride Month Dunn wrote, “Everyone is equal, identities don’t help.”

On a proclamation awarded about Juneteenth Dunn decayed the document by writing, “This is a celebration (of) lynchings event.”

On a proclamation to recognize Friday, June 7 as National Gun Violence Awareness Day Dunn wrote, “People are reactive, guns aren’t.”

While he has a right to his opinions he should not be allowed to use his position on the Town Council to further his hate-filled agenda. I am calling for him to step down immediately.

Promoting hate at this critical time in our country’s development could easily lead to increased violence in our community. Hate crimes, specifically targeted toward minority groups, and more often than not using weapons that are issued without background checks are taking place on an astonishingly regular basis in this country. I believe deeply that our community does not want an incident like this taking place in our back yard. We all need to stand up against bigotry to safeguard our community and to protect the rights of all our citizens.

Deborah Morbeto, Leesburg


2 thoughts on “Letter: Deborah Morbeto, Leesburg

  • 2019-06-14 at 2:48 pm

    I join you and the NAACP and Councilman Campbell in calling for Dunn’s resignation. His embarrassing history of disrespecting citizens has finally caught up with him. He has violated ethics and decency. Thank you for writing about this.

  • 2019-06-15 at 3:56 pm

    I understand why a member of Council might vote against a resolution or refuse to sign. But it’s particularly juvenile and contemptuous to deface the resolution with a political statement. A statement by the way that was rejected by the majority of the duly elected members of the Council. If Dunn and Theil want to do their own thing then they resign and do just that.

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