Letter: Charles Houston, Paeonian Springs

Editor: The new Comprehensive Plan was approved, to desultory applause from the small audience. A number of supervisors had proclaimed that since the plan garnered equally bland reactions from both conservationists and developers, it must be “good.”

They were wrong.

Loudoun County belongs to its citizens, not to the real estate industry, and not to people who don’t live here. For the Comp Plan truly to be good, it should have prompted citizens to dance in the streets and developers to drown in their tears.

Pity things did not turn out that way.

Charles Houston, Paeonian Springs

One thought on “Letter: Charles Houston, Paeonian Springs

  • 2019-06-21 at 4:30 pm

    Charles, You are way too generous in your comments. What happened to REQUIRING elected representatives to define problems their actions solve? This plan actually exacerbates three of the most pressing problems in the county. It drives taxes up. It increases cost of LCPS. It increases out traffic issues. I would use the term MIS-REPRESENTATION to describe the fake justifications used by all Supervisors EXCEPT former Mayor Umstaddt. If you believe the BOS agenda should actually be about solving clearly identified problems instead of placating the ravenous developer community then tell your friends to consider ALL the candidates running for Chair of the BOS not just the ones with prepaid campaign donations from developers.

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