Letter: Scott Nalley, Ashburn

Editor: I read with deep interest that the Honorable James Fisher did not enjoy a full investiture ceremony. The first question that comes to mind is why?

Mr. Fisher is to be commended for the dignified way he conducted himself through the selection and interview process. There were some within the Loudoun legal community that failed to conduct themselves in a very professional manner. I am sure their behavior and antics were observed by members of the General Assembly. I believe, the local Loudoun Bar suffered an enormous hit as far as its credibility goes during the process. If the local Bar questions why its recommendations are not accepted by Richmond, its members only need to look at their behavior in this matter.

I welcome Mr. Fisher to the bench, the state legislators got it right by appointing him.

Scott Nalley, Ashburn


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  • 2019-07-02 at 9:17 am

    When I was on the Loudoun Bar Association board I volunteered to be on the judicial qualifications committee which deliberated on judicial appointments. It was obvious at that time and apparently continues today that there is a very severe, festering problem between state legislators and Loudoun which continues to go unresolved. This is not limited to their ignoring our local bar recommendations for judicial appointments but extends to VDOT being continually underfunded for Loudoun support and not accountable for failure to provide adequate support for the roads it is responsible for. It extends to the composite index which is used by state legislators to extract hundreds of millions of sales tax proceeds away from what Loudoun should get back. It includes their continued insistence of Virginia remaining a Dillon type state blocking from Loudoun to help itself without Richmond blessings. This was evident by the SCC support of above ground, massive power lines along the W&OD even though the majority of Loudoun clearly was against it. Ever notice how the Redskins practices went to Richmond from Ashburn? As Chair of the BOS I hope to make this issue a priority in the BOS agenda by first putting a meeting together with the Fairfax BOS to bolster the strength of the Northern Virginia voice. No governor can be elected without the support of Fairfax and Loudoun due to our populations so leverage can be applied. This abuse of Loudoun has to stop!

    • 2019-07-02 at 10:51 am

      Bob O interesting comments. In this case the Local Loudoun Bar deserved to be ignored. The judicial qualifications committee contained members that should not have been on the committee. If you google each member, it will become clear what I am referring to. It was so obvious that I contacted Tom Jackman of the Washington Post.

      The attacks against Mr. Fisher were personal, despite his impressive record. A simple google search of one of the candidates put forth by the Loudoun Bar would reveal that the person wasn’t qualified. As a resident, I have no faith in the process exercised by the Local Bar.

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