School Board Strengthens Admissions Policy

The Loudoun County School Board has updated its policy governing admission requirements for students.

During its June 11 meeting, the board approved recommendations from its Student Support and Services Committee to adopt a new policy that combines and updates elements of two previous policies covering a student’s school status, admission of nonresident students and required physical examinations.

“The School Board shall require that parents, guardians, or other persons having control or charge of a school age child meet all admission requirements prior to a student enrolling in Loudoun County Public Schools,” the new policy states. In addition to adding the terms “identification and custody” to the residency requirements necessary for admission to the schools, a birth certificate is required.

The admissions section also adds a section specifically related to homeless children.

“If the child is identified homeless under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act … and cannot provide the required documentation, the school registrar shall submit the information to the McKinney Vento liaison and enroll the child immediately. The local school McKinney-Vento designee shall work with the family to obtain required documentation in a timely manner,” Policy 8125 states.

It goes on: “A student who has been placed in foster care by a local social services agency shall be immediately enrolled even if the placing social services agency is unable to produce the documents required for enrollment.” In that case, the parent or guardian must provide a written statement to verify the student’s age and that the student is eligible as well as “in good health and free from communicable or contagious disease.”

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