Letter: Jennifer Alves, Leesburg

Editor: This is in reference the former office space of the Loudoun Times Mirror newspaper on Market Street.

         Just last month during First Friday, I was walking the alleyway to enjoy live music from the breweries and noticed how big the building is. It’s a shame that this valuable space has sat unused when it could be serving residents in a number of ways.  

         I’m still hurt by the betrayal, the false promotion by the Town of Leesburg that affordable downtown living for all people was soon coming; a response to the public opposition to the Crescent Place development. I know a number of people who cannot forget that this ever happened.  

         The Town of Leesburg persists to move middle-lower class residents out of sight. How about respectable housing for the responsible people who are the framework, the nuts, the bolts, the nails, the screws, the everyday mortar supporting Leesburg. Yes, we need affordable housing for our teachers, our police officers, our firefighters, our restaurants staff, our landscapers, our janitors who clean our offices, and so on. Above all we need to take care of our residents in the disability community. 

         Despite the Town of Leesburg’s disgruntles with Loudoun County, Leesburg is the launching pad and landing pad of the county. What is working for people, and what isn’t working for people is all evident in Leesburg? 

         My final thoughts on this project are that I know whatever is done on the block of Church and Market Street is not going to serve me, or the people like me.  

Jennifer Alves, Leesburg

One thought on “Letter: Jennifer Alves, Leesburg

  • 2019-07-15 at 8:24 am

    I’d hardly call it a betrayal. It’s just the gradual emergence of the true colors of new Loudoun County.

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