Letter: Francine Works, Leesburg

Editor: There are no doubt many of us who have exasperating tales of our visits to the DMV. Well. Here’s another one.

I took the day off. That is a given; expected. What I didnotexpect was that after three hours of waiting I would be told that the form I brought had yetanotherstep that needed to be taken for it to be processed. Keep in mind, I had every form that I thought I would possibly need. I came prepared.

One might ask, “Well surely, Ms. Works when you went through the screening desk they went over all of your documents? They certainly clarified what your reason for visiting their fine establishment was?” Well, Editor. Of course, they did. That, after all is their job.

After proceeding through the line, that, actually moved quicker than usual, the clerk took my documents, turned them over, upside down and sideways. They even gave me another document that I was in fact missing. They are, after all, trained to determine if everything is in order. So, I waited … and waited. Again, everything thus far was completely expected.

Finally, that moment all of us waiting at the DMV are on the edges of our seats waiting for. My number was called. I was nearing the finish line feeling utterly victorious. Then the next clerk looked over my documents and informed me that I would have to come back. What I heard buzzing through my head was like the sound that plays when a video game is over, and you have lost. Normally, that sound makes me laugh. Not this time. At this moment I was furious.

Now, I am not condemning the first clerk; the screener. The issues with the DMV started long before she was even a thought. It was absolutely not her fault. DMVs across Loudoun County, I would expect, have customers right at this very moment walking out feeling utterly defeated and beyond frustrated. Surely something can be done to streamline this process.

Yes, I am quite aware that there are innumerable DMV-related tasks that can be handled online. This, unfortunately, was not one of them. I made certain that I was not making an unnecessary trip andtaking a day off for no reason.

Dear Editor, although I did my homework, reviewed all that I needed to bring to make this as painless a transaction as possible I am of the opinion (pun intended) that DMVs need to go over their practices. If the people who walk through the doors, already expecting the long waits and sitting on their oh-so-comfortable chairs, can’t expect to have their time taken out of their day mean something, then it is this reader’s thought that some revamping needs to happen. Perhaps a VENN diagram of sorts could be made so that clerks could determine that all pieces required are in order?

Francine Works, Leesburg

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  • 2019-08-05 at 3:23 pm

    This should be a warning to us all. The bureaucracy doesn’t run anything well…..Healthcare for all and it will be free……..nothing is free.
    The private sector would do a better job.

    Any DMV employee I have come across has been very nice and I bet they are just as frustrated.

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