Letter: Robert Peeler and Valerie Hubanks, Hillsboro

Editor: We live on Creamer Lane, which is the only way in to the Tow of Purcellville’s springs property. This road is a dead-end road with the springs property located at the end. The idea of the Purcellville Town Council to open this property to residents for hunting is sheer lunacy.

Purcellville has already endangered the lives of the residents by selling the timber on the property. Logging trucks are constantly traveling up and down this little road during the day. Does Purcellville intend to add even more traffic to this already overstressed road?

The Sheriff’s Office cannot enforce the speed limit on this road now. What will Purcellville do to assist the Sheriff’s Office in enforcing the speed limit?

Our property and our neighbor’s property are within easy range of any misguided rifle shot. Will Purcellville assume liability in the case of any damage or injury on the surrounding properties?

What will Purcellville do to ensure that these residents are qualified to hunt or even carry a firearm?

More traffic means more litter on the road. What will Purcellville do to assist in cleaning the road?

More land open to hunting means more game violations. Will Purcellville fund additional staff for the Virginia D.G.I.F. to patrol this property during the hunting seasons?

We have nothing against hunting and hunt ourselves. We just want to know how Purcellville will handle this potentially dangerous activity.

These are questions that need answers.

In closing, it is our opinion that if the town opens this property for hunting to its residents, then the residents on Creamer Lane should be allowed to hunt in Purcellville.

Robert Peeler and Valerie Hubanks, Hillsboro

One thought on “Letter: Robert Peeler and Valerie Hubanks, Hillsboro

  • 2019-08-01 at 11:46 am

    While agree with almost all of the points you are making, additional traffic from logging, speeding, trash etc, these are issues all of us deal with on a regular basis all over Western Loudoun. Purcellville opening a property like this to hunting makes perfect sense. Hunters are required to get licenses, are generally responsible and the deer population in Loudoun is out of control. While I don’t hunt myself, it seems like good use of the land for those that do. We allow hunting on our property to control the herd size and the more we do that, the better. Again, I do agree with the major points you are making up to the “then the residents on Creamer Lane should be allowed to hunt in Purcellville” Not quite the same. I wish you well in getting support from the Town and County on this. They should give you rights to hunt there as well.

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