Letter: Matthew S. Osborn, Aldie

Editor: CNN reported Tuesday that the current president has made 56 false claims this week, which is actually down from 78 the prior week. It’s disheartening how easily this disregard for the truth threatens to become our new normal, which is why I think it’s important to step in when this sort of intentional dishonesty enters into our local sphere. 

            Unfortunately, it looks like Mr. Whitbeck (R) has taken a page from the Trump handbook in his suspiciously well-funded attempt to un-seat Supervisor Randall (D) as Chair of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. 

            Whitbeck is currently running attack ads that claim, and I quote, “she[Randall] voted herself a 62% pay raise.” 

            Ample justification for that vote aside, it’s a lie. Whitbeck knows it’s a lie, but he also knows that most people who see it won’t (look no further than the Facebook comments). 

            So here’s the truth:Sup. Randall (D) couldn’t have voted for a pay raise for herself, because state law doesn’t allow it. She voted to give the next board a raise. Sup. Randall hasn’t won re-election, yet.Sup. Letourneau (R) not only voted for the same pay raise, he led the effort enthusiastically. Sup. Meyer (R) and Sup. Buffington (R) voted for this same pay raise. In fact, it wouldn’t have passed at all if those three Republican supervisors hadn’t voted for it, since they made up the majority of the yea votes. I’m sure Mr. Whitbeck will hold them equally accountable while they campaign together.

            Whitbeck has established himself early in the race as someone who will say whatever he needs to in order to get elected. It’s up to us to prevent those means from being justified.

Matthew S. Osborn, Aldie

3 thoughts on “Letter: Matthew S. Osborn, Aldie

  • 2019-08-12 at 11:59 am

    Thank you, Mr. Osborne, for raising this issue. This type of exaggeration, spinning, and misrepresentation of the facts has no place in Loudoun County. It is interesting to really read Whitbeck’s argument. If Ms. Randall voted herself a raise, he is already conceding the race to her, since the raise does not take place until 2020 and the new Board acquires the dais. . If Mr. Whitbeck would stick to his platform instead of attacking his opponent, he might be worth a second look. I refuse to vote for any candidate that insists on attacking an opponent rather than telling us how he will make our county better. To me, the vitriol overwhelms any platform planks that might be worth hearing. I wonder if he will clean up his act.

  • 2019-08-12 at 7:34 pm

    Lying is the only tool that John Whitbeck has available to him. The canvasser who knocked on my door refused to tell me what party he was representing. The facts are that Chair Randall is an award winning Chair. She’s been recognized by national organizations as well as LoudounNow readers. Whitbeck has to hide his association with the Virginia GOP. Republicans have lost by big margins in Loudoun in 2016, 2017 and 2018. He knows his only shot is to lie.

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