Letter: Laura Berish, Hillsboro

Editor: I was so pleased to see that U.S. Representative Wexton has called for the beginning of impeachment proceedings. 

         I understand her reluctance to have called for such an inquiry in haste but the Mueller Report has exposed too many irregularities in how this President was elected. The allegations of obstruction by this president warrants a full investigation by the House. It is part of their Constitutional duty.    

 Thank you Representative Wexton.

Laura Berish, Hillsboro

2 thoughts on “Letter: Laura Berish, Hillsboro

  • 2019-08-16 at 8:55 am

    Aren’t there more things to do in Congress than just attack the White House? Here are a few:
    Re-open Yucca Mountain so we don’t have a Chernoble type accident at Indian Point a few miles north of NYC?
    Vote on NAFTA replacement?
    Resolve yearly flood and fire problems around the USA?
    Enforce Congress authority over undeclared wars like Afghanistan, Iraq and soon to be Iran?
    Immigration legislation?
    Interstate commerce (commutation) that is choking Route 9 and Route 15 in Loudoun?
    Put Dulles Airport back into Virginia from federal control so Loudoun can collect property taxes to support our schools?
    Line up federal prohibitions regarding hemp and marijuana usage with the states
    End interstate competition blockage for medical insurance companies
    FIX MEDICAL SERVICES NATIONWIDE including taking monopoly power away from AMA and allow nurses to practice medicine as they are certified to do.

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