Letter: Dan McGinnis, Round Hill

Editor: On Feb. 7, Paul Smith, the executive director of Tree of Life Ministries, announced a plan to build 32 mini-houses on 7 acres along Rt. 7 in Round Hill. Supposedly these cabins are for low income seniors.

There is very little shopping or other services in Round Hill. There is no public transportation. There are no sidewalks near this property. Basically, Mr. Smith is proposing to build a prison for seniors.

         The Round Hill government has expressed support for this project that only a developer could love. They will try anything to lower the cost of utilities for the town that was caused by their poor management. No one is thinking about the poor people who would become the inmates of these isolated cabins. 

Dan McGinnis, Round Hill 

One thought on “Letter: Dan McGinnis, Round Hill

  • 2019-08-27 at 10:55 am

    I think the Reverend has concluded that 32 rent-payers crammed into 7 acres is a pretty good chunk of change each month. Praise the Lord and pass the loot…

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