Letter: Morris Jacobs, Middleburg

Editor:It was disturbing to read MB Cranshaw’s incoherent screed in your Aug. 15 issue, attacking Congressional Democrats and the “left-leaning media” over their views on gun violence, immigration, and the rise of white supremacy. Actually, there is more than enough blame for Republicans, 

Democrats and the rest of us to share for our failure to address these issues.But his comments on white supremacy are the most difficult to stomach.If the El Paso massacre had been perpetrated by ISIS or Al Qaeda, would Cranshaw also deny the threat those groups pose?After all, such an attack would constitute a very small percentage of gun deaths in our country, as he argues in connection with white supremacist violence.Would that make the threat non-existent?One must wonder if Cranshaw’s outrage might be related to some sympathy the writer harbors for the ethno-nationalist ideology that can contribute to such tragedies.

Morris Jacobs, Middleburg

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