Letter: MB Cranshaw, Aldie

Editor: As liberals are wont to do when the facts don’t fit their narrative, they change the subject, and we have ample evidence of that in a few of the responses to my Aug. 6 letter.  I had assumed most Loudoun Now subscribers can read and comprehend at or above the fifth grade level; now, I question that. The topic is the inexplicable crusade against statistically inconsequential “white supremacists,” and not gun control, for those select readers with acute cerebral density.  

My point remains that less than 2 percent of all firearms-related homicides in this country are committed in mass shootings.What percentage of those mass shootings are committed by “white supremacists?”Less than half?Less than a quarter? Less than a tenth?A tenth of 2 percent?That’s not very many, when Democrat run cities like St. Louis and Baltimore boast firearm homicide rates of 61/100,000 and 50/100,000 respectively.Of the 20 U.S. cities with the highest murder rates in 2018, there are 18 Democrat and one Independent mayors, and 19 wholly or predominantly Democrat city councils.But that’s just an amazing coincidence, isn’t it? It’s has nothing to do with Democrats’ inherent inability to govern responsibly?Note to readers: facts are still facts, whether Democrats accept them or not.Life’s tough.

Democrat run Philadelphia:here’s a mass shooting andI don’t believe Maurice Hill is a “white supremacist,” do you?Some of the officers fired upon were white, so we could say that the suspect carried out a racially motivated hate crime, couldn’t we?Not to mention attempted capital murder of six police officers.Why was Hill even loose?Well, ask Larry Krasner, the district attorney, who happens to be, yes, a Democrat. But Maurice Hill is already old news, isn’t he?The Democrats and their lap dog media outlets quickly resumed thevitriol against “white supremacists.”Why?Even though they are linked to an infinitesimally small percentage of the murder statistics, “white supremacists” are the ones in the spotlight. Why? They’re good for the ratings. They’re also a good red herring, to distract voters from Democrat ineptitude in dozens of cities where hundreds are murdered every year—and not by “white supremacists.”

More people die from motor vehicle crashes than from intentional and unintentional firearm discharges.But Democrats aren’t clamoring for auto safety, are they?No, their monomania is about “white supremacists.” Saving lives is the last reason Democrats want gun control, and while we all recognize that, some just can’t admit it.

MB Cranshaw, Aldie

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  • 2019-08-26 at 9:05 am

    Not sure why there is so much animosity when fear is the topic. People are feeling vulnerable and it doesn’t matter what it is about (the topics keep changing). But I do get tired of politics when it comes to simply doing the right thing for the right reasons and also live in Aldie. Labels are being flung around and it isn’t good for the kids to see adults behaving like children.

    Personally I don’t enjoy reading people’s temper tantrums if they have different perspectives and won’t budge. It reminds me of my young children. But as adults, we do need to behave better because children are watching and are amazed at how many adults are having temper tantrums if they aren’t allowed to themselves. It is pretty silly to watch actually. Adults acting like my 7 and 9 year old daughters.

    I just want safety. I would love harmony in the community. And ranting and raving often does more harm than good and we don’t know what anyone else’s experiences are if we are not willing to listen to them. Makes me feel like we are living the book, “Ferdinand the Bull” where people get hysterical if you don’t want to fight and simply want to smell the flowers, feeling grateful to simply just be alive.

    If people wanted to talk about gratitude, I would love to read it. But if it is temper tantrums, I have better things to do with my time and hope people can someday learn to be adults again.

  • 2019-08-26 at 1:31 pm

    Enough partisan bile in this letter to flood a shooting range…

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