Library Ends Overdue Fines, Outstanding Fines Forgiven

The Loudoun County Public Library has done away with overdue fines as of today, Wednesday, Aug. 28.

Additionally, patrons who have fines they have not yet paid have had those fines waived.

The library’s Board of Trustees asked the Board of Supervisors to eliminate a requirement that the libraries charge overdue fines, arguing doing so would allow more access to the library’s resources and not significantly affect how quickly items are returned or the library’s budget. The library cited studies from other, urban libraries that had done away with overdue fines.

The Board of Supervisors got rid of the requirement in May.

Previously, once library materials were overdue, they accrued a 10-cent-a-day late fee, capped at $5. Once a customer’s library card reached $10 in fines, that card was blocked from checking out anything else until the fine is paid.

Now, library card holders are only blocked from checking out an item if they have already checked out their limit for items—now set at 50—or if they have an outstanding fine for a lost item.

Once an item is 21 days overdue, it is considered lost, and the patron is blocked from borrowing until they pay the replacement cost or return the item.

Additionally, unless another patron has placed a hold on an item, overdue items are automatically renewed up to three times.

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