Letter: Gary Kowalski, Leesburg

Editor: I’m surprised and disappointed that Loudoun Now would waste the entire letters page of the Aug. 29 print edition on MB Crenshaw’s letter reiterating the flawed logic of his previous missive.

            First, he accuses those that responded to his first letter of changing the subject from White Supremacist shootings to gun control – sorry, but the first sentence of said letter complains of Democrats “hollering about gun control.” Remember your education – your topic sentence usually comes first.

            After several ad hominem attacks, he repeats his claim that urban Democratic leaders are somehow responsible for gun violence in their districts. The logical extension of this fallacy is that Donald Trump is responsible for all gun violence in the USA because he is the leader of the country. The reality is that attempts by Democrats to reduce gun violence are quashed by Republicans and their NRA piggy bank, through the court system and by the Senate Majority leader who refuses to let any gun-related bills be brought to the Senate floor.

            Crenshaw dismisses White Supremacist shootings as “statistically insignificant” by comparing it to other gun homicides. While I doubt the families of the murdered find solace in his argument, there is no doubt that rising White Supremacist violence is a problem – look at the subsequent arrests of White Supremacists in Nevada (8/8), Florida (8/11), and New Jersey (8/20).

            Finally, he really changes the subject by bringing up motor vehicle deaths. No one is claiming that White Supremacists or gun violence are the only way people are killed. The fact that people die other ways does not reduce the severity of the problem. We can focus on more than one problem at a time.

            And to everyone waving the Second Amendment flag, I ask how they would feel about a next-door neighbor building a home-made nuclear bomb—which is just as much an arm as an AK-47.

Gary Kowalski, Leesburg

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  • 2019-08-30 at 6:15 pm

    I understood Mr. Cranshaw’s letters as criticizing the way Democrats exploited a tragedy to push their political agenda. He he explained how they over inflated the dangers of white supremacy while pushing for their gun control agenda. His point was not dismissing a white supremacist mass shooting, he was saying the Democrats used the fact the shooter was a white supremacist in an attempt to push their gun agenda. He demonstrated this by pointing out very seldom do we hear about, let alone discuss people of color being killed by the hundreds, most being in jurisdictions across the country run by Democrats.
    In his letters Mr. Cranshaw appears to be questioning the sincerity of the Democrats argument. While it’s important to discuss the recent increase of incidents by folks who adhere to the white supremacy ideology, it’s irresponsible and disingenuous to suggest the issue is far worse than people realize, using the TX shooting as proof.

    On another note, I think people understand people are killed by means other than guns, and certainly we are capable of working on more than one issue, but oddly there doesn’t seem to be an interest in reducing deaths by other means. Why is that?

  • 2019-09-01 at 11:20 am

    Mr. Kowalski must be ignorant of the purpose of the letter’s to the editors page. It’s not for the editor to pick and choose letters which only express Kowalski’s particular taste for group think and party slogans. Rather, it’s for The People as a whole to express their opinions under the direct protection of the First Amendment; something the staff of Loudoun Now facilitates perfectly.

    Write your equally disjointed replys to other letter writers all day long. You have zero standing to criticize the editor for carrying out his dedication and, duty, to free speech and expression.

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