Loudoun Company Develops More Secure Bicycle Lock

As more Americans cycle for leisure and as a means of transportation, the rate of bike theft continues to rise. Cheap, portable angle grinders make it easy for thieves to cut through most locks, but a new patent-pending Altor SAF Lock is designed to thwart even the most resourceful thieves. 

         “If you plan on trying to cut the toughest bike lock ever built, you’d better bring a drink, a snack, several backup angle grinders, disks, batteries and a physical therapist,” said Karen Schaufeld, Altor Locks co-founder and CEO. “Anything else on the market, no matter how heavy, and no matter the claims by manufacturers—including all other U-locks or chains—are simply and irrefutably less safe than Altor’s SAF lock. You are settling for much less if you use anything else.”

The SAF Lock is built to thwart angle grinders with a design that is virtually impossible to penetrate, lowering the risk of theft for cyclists who must leave bikes unattended for hours overnight or during work hours. 

 Altor began in 2016 with the launch of its first lock, the 560G on Kickstarter, where 378 backers contributed more than $80,000. The locks are assembled, tested and packaged at the company’s headquarters in Sterling. 

         The SAF Lock is available on Indiegogo, starting at $199 (a 30 percent discount) for those backing the project. If Altor meets its Indiegogo funding goal, SAF Locks will begin shipping next spring. To learn more and invest, go here.

One thought on “Loudoun Company Develops More Secure Bicycle Lock

  • 2019-08-30 at 10:29 am

    Where I’m from the lock needs to go through the frame, and the spokes of the front wheel. Secure the bike with only one of these and the other one will get stolen.

    I don’t see how that thing can fit through anything else than the frame. But maybe bike thieves in America are nicer than overseas?

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