Round Hill Expansion Plan Gets Hearing Date

            The Round Hill Town Council has scheduled an Oct. 10 public hearing on a proposed comprehensive plan amendment that would permit the extension of utility service to more properties east of the town limits.

            The hearing will be held jointly with the Planning Commission, which is recommending the extension to two properties where new residential developments have been proposed. 

            During meeting Thursday night, council members made no comments on the proposal other than to schedule the joint hearing. By holding a public hearing along with the commission, the council could more quickly bring the issue to a final vote. 

            The commission’s recommendation proposes the town extend utility service to a 20-acre property along Airmont Road, the 7-acre Weona Villa Motel property along East Loudoun Street and a 12-acre property across from the motel with the stated goal of supporting development of community recreation centers or public services; workforce, senior or universal design housing that would provide support services for seniors, the infirmed or disabled; and nursing homes, residential care or assisted living centers.

            If approved, the comprehensive plan amendment would prompt the town and county to discuss a corporate boundary line adjustment and expansion of the Joint Land Management Area to allow the town to serve the properties with water and sewer. 

            Nieghbors have raised concerns about the development proposals citing the lack of amenities to serve disabled or elderly residents targeted in the development plans, concerns about increased traffic, and objections to additional suburbanization of the area. 

One thought on “Round Hill Expansion Plan Gets Hearing Date

  • 2019-09-08 at 9:52 pm

    How dumb are the so called “leaders” of Round Hill? Here they had a jewel of a community, special, unique and different, and then these clueless morons are now trying to make it like Purcellville West? Purcellville sold its soul to the devil in its quest to be like Leesburg West..what is matter with these towns? They had the best places in the world, and all they want to do is grow, grow grow! Fight this Round Hill! You don’t need to build all the way to Purcellville!

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