Town Launches ‘Legacy Leesburg’ for Town Plan Update

The Town of Leesburg has launched a website, ‘Legacy Leesburg,’ for its ongoing Town Plan Update at

According to a town press release, the website will include information on the status of the project, details on upcoming events, and polls and comment forms to gather public feedback. It will also have photos and documents from project meetings and events.

People who wish to provide feedback

will be required to register, supplying their names, email addresses, and whether or not they live or work in Leesburg.

The Leesburg Town Plan is the policy document that guides future development decisions in the town government. The current plan was adopted in 2012, and the town has hired a team on consultants to write a new plan, expected to be finished in summer of 2020.

For more information about the Town Plan Update, contact project managers Scott Parker at sparker@leesburgva.govor 703-771-2771, and Richard Klusek at rklusek@leesburgva.govor 703-771-2758.

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