Hamilton Awards $458K Contract for Sidewalk Project

Commuters will continue cutting through the Town of Hamilton each morning and evening, but pedestrians will have a safer town to walk around by the end of the year.

The Town Council last Wednesday night voted to authorize Mayor Dave Simpson to execute a $457,931 contract with M&F Concrete for the company to complete the town’s $768,342 Sidewalk Project, which will install about 1,200 feet of sidewalk along Colonial Highway from Laycock Street to St. Paul Street. To pay for the project, VDOT will spend $602,349, which includes additional funding it approved on Sept. 6 following higher-than-expected construction estimates, while the town will contribute $165,993—$5,395 less than what it had anticipated spending.

Project Manager Sam Finz said M&F would start work on the project this month and that construction should take 60 days to complete.

In all, the project is costing about $259,000 more than what town engineers had originally estimated. Although M&F’s bid was the lowest of three, it was still priced 54 percent higher than estimates. Finz said that’s because of increased demand for those types of projects in the Northern Virginia area.

To make up for the difference, Simpson requested additional fundsfrom VDOT.


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