Loudoun Supervisors Approve Travel-Time Signs for Rt. 50

Loudoun County supervisors have approved a million-dollar project to put up eight signs displaying travel times for commuter routes along the Rt. 50 corridor.

            The Virginia Department of Transportation took down its Active Traffic Management system on Rt. 66 when the road was expanded for express lanes and tolling. VDOT kept the electronic signs that used to stand along the interstate, and according to a county report, those signs still have years of use left in them. County transportation staff members plan to erect those signs and new traffic cameras at four spots on or near Rt. 50.

            The signs will be near Rt. 50’s intersections with Gum Spring Road, Loudoun County Parkway, and near the Fairfax County line, with another sign on Loudoun County Parkway near Evergreen Mills Road.

            The money comes from the budget for an existing “Intelligent Transportation System” project, which also targets more traffic camera coverage, integration with Waze, responsive traffic signal timing, and autonomous shuttles.

            Self-driving shuttles are planned for the Merrifield area in Fairfax County, to ferry passengers for free between the Dunn Loring Metro stop and Mosaic District. Loudoun County staff members are studying the possibility.

            The signs will be installed by VOT contractors, and controlled from the VDOT’s regional Public Safety and Transportation Operations Center, which operates all of the agency’s Intelligent Transportation System systems in Northern Virginia. Its camera feeds will also be sent there for better information about traffic conditions nearby.

            “I realize that ‘Intelligent Transportation’ and ‘Route 50’ don’t normally belong in the same sentence,” wrote Supervisor Matthew F. Letourneau (R-Dulles) in a Facebook post announcing the vote. He described the project as an “incremental improvement” while he works on a Rt. 50 northern collector/bypass project—a project he proposed in 2018 to build a road connecting to Rt. 28 on Dulles Airport property.


4 thoughts on “Loudoun Supervisors Approve Travel-Time Signs for Rt. 50

  • 2019-10-04 at 4:12 pm

    Is the source of the traffic problem the lack of drivers knowing how much time they will be wasting on commuting? What problem is being solved for millions of taxpayer dollars? I would suggest someone consider that since Loudoun buys and operates commuter buses that our resident commuters should not be paying the same $11 to get to DC as the West Virginia passenger. Where is the study of Loudoun commuter buses stopping at more places? As Chair of the BOS I would make more effort to hold VDOT accountable for their job and more carefully define problems, be transparent about potential solutions and make sure that on balance the solution is community supportive. For these millions we could decrease class size, buy more land for parks, fix the Rasberry Falls light so thousands could get home earlier, bury less garage or lower the tax rate which is already 33% higher than the rest of Virginia! 🙂

  • 2019-10-04 at 5:09 pm

    The signage on Route 15 will be “10 years to widen 3.5 miles!” Thank you Supervisor Higgins for all that you don’t do! You are finally delivering the long overdue constituent services to the Catoctin District – by not seeking re-election!

    Let’s just end this nightmare in November…..


  • 2019-10-04 at 9:23 pm

    There is an app for that. What a waste of money! How about reducing taxes or eliminating the property tax altogether especially with all the revenue from data centers?

  • 2019-10-05 at 4:53 pm

    Neighbor . I hope you plan on voting this coming Nov 5th. The incumbent hasn’t seen a tax she didn’t accept and the GOP candidate only states he will “hold the line”. The rate we pay in Loudoun is ALREADY 33% higher than the rest of Virginia! You should have seen the negative looks I got at the Womens League of Voters forum on Thursday when I asked how could it make sense for the Superintendent to currently be asking for $100,000 per incremental student on top of the $1.3 billion and another $4.4 billion backlogged construction. The word is out – the fix is in – as long as the majority of Loudoun voters don’t vote in local elections the party loyalists can control the vote with developer donations to their campaigns. Worse yet some REALLY large, politically connected entities in Loudoun don’t pay any property taxes and some are just creatively under-assessed. If elected I will put the comprehensive plan back on the agenda and our taxes will go below $1 on the way to 79 cents.

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