Letter: Kristen Gorczyk, Purcellville

“I don’t vote in off-year elections.” Sound familiar? Yet, the upcoming Nov. 5 election will be one of the most important School Board elections in Loudoun County history.

I’m writing because we have an exceptional candidate in the Blue Ridge district, Ian Serotkin.  

Ian started out in student advocacy as a concerned parent, not a politician. He co-founded a nonprofit called “More Recess for Virginians,” which successfully lobbied to change state law on recess policy. As a result, LCPS passed a new policy last year doubling the amount of outdoor time our kids receive.  

Ian’s plan for our schools will support students and teachers’ success, proposing earlier gifted and foreign language programs, expanding vocational program offerings, and enriching special education services. He will advocate for smaller class size, improvements in bus routes and transportation communication, and competitive teacher pay to attract and keep the best teachers for our kids.  

At a time when parents are increasingly concerned about school safety and transparency, Ian has a strategy to improve communication with families, including keeping office hours, offering printed agendas and real-time updates on policy change proposals at board and committee meetings, and adding in time for feedback and responses. He’s focused on research-based solutions for school safety and will fight for a comprehensive security framework with independent audits to ensure our kids are safe at school.  

Ian is the only candidate in this race to receive the endorsement of the Loudoun Education Association. 

Don’t sit this one out. Please cast your vote for Ian Serotkin for School Board. It’s not just a vote for Ian, it’s a vote for what is truly best for our kids.  

Kristen Gorczyk, Purcellville

One thought on “Letter: Kristen Gorczyk, Purcellville

  • 2019-10-11 at 7:45 pm

    Kristen, Please continue to emphasize that folks should not sit out local elections. I believe the participation rate in the last election was about 28% which means 72% didn’t bother to vote. With some due diligence (you are a great example of) there is a big difference between candidates. Local issues like traffic, tax levels, assessments, zoning, police enforcement, road provisioning & maintenance, fairness in commuter discounting, overlay districts and school quality and school efficiency need scrutiny and input from at least the majority of residents not just the party loyalists who make up most of that 28%. Thanks for sharing an important message. 🙂

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