Letter: Madeline Murphy, Aldie

Editor: After attending the Blue Ridge District Supervisor Candidate debate, it is clear that Tia Walbridge is the best choice. 

She brings a fresh approach and deep policy knowledge to all of the issues. She is not only committed to preserving our rural areas, but acknowledges that Loudoun is changing and with growth comes new opportunities for innovation.

Tia exhibited impressive knowledge about the recently passed Loudoun County Comprehensive Plan, and described innovative strategies, such as the inclusion of Purchase of Property Rights agreements, to improve it, with a forward thinking long term vision for the county. Her policies would include promoting businesses that actually bring jobs; addressing the flaws in our current zoning regulations;  developing better planning for schools, which are now overcrowded as soon as they open; and working for housing that is affordable.  Although the issue of gun safety did not come up, I know that her opponent voted to defer support for a state Red Flag law, and did not take any meaningful action when stray bullets struck a home in our neighborhood . Tia has stated that our county gun ordinances must be changed to reflect new housing  patterns. 

Tia Walbridge promised to work with all stakeholders to find practical solutions to the challenges that the rapid growth of Loudoun County and the rapid loss of farmland present. She will balance rural and suburban needs, and work to insure that all voices are heard.  

The choice is clear; either we stick with the status quo, or welcome innovative approaches and a fresh perspective.  My choice is Tia Walbridge.

I prefer a leader with a long term vision, the desire to bring all voices to the table, and new ideas and strategies, rather than the status quo. I’ll be voting for Tia Walbridge.

Madeline Murphy, Aldie

One thought on “Letter: Madeline Murphy, Aldie

  • 2019-10-05 at 3:13 pm

    It seems clear to me that Buffington is the candidate to vote for. Is the above letter scripted?

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