Letter: Heidi Renner, Round Hill

Editor: There are many reasons I am supporting Mavis Taintor in the election for state delegate, District 33. I share her priorities of healthcare and education, and I trust her to represent the best interests of our district. I know she cares about helping the constituents of the 33rddistrict in everything from supporting small business to improving our roads.

I also know I can trust her to behave in a professional manner which unfortunately I can’t say about our current delegate, Dave LaRock. While Mavis is attending forums like the recent candidate forum organized by the Lucketts Ruritans, Dave LaRock is picking fights on Facebook with constituents. He did not show up to the forum.

I knew when Del. LaRock did his best to block Medicaid expansion in Virginia that he was not the candidate for me. Thanks to our last election 400,000 people now have health care who did not have it before.Healthcare is not a privilege, it’s a right. I know I can trust Mavis to work for healthcare for all Virginians.

Heidi Renner, Round Hill

One thought on “Letter: Heidi Renner, Round Hill

  • 2019-10-12 at 7:54 am

    Heidi, Can you get Mavis to openly state she will at least try to explain to the other legislators in Richmond that the composite index which extracts well over $200 million per year out of what Loudoun should get back from sales tax receipts is unfair to Loudoun. The sales tax justification was conditioned on school support. Loudoun just reported on September 30th that 40 schools are over policy design capacity and there is already a $4.4 billion backlog in needed school construction. The state is bleeding Loudoun dry and it is not fair! I like what she says but she should not leave out the composite index which Mr. Larock has done nothing about.

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