Alpha Corp. Completes Washington Monument Upgrades

Visitors have returned to the top of the Washington Monument, and Loudoun-basedAlpha Corporation was a big part of the two-year project to construct a visitor screening center and modernize the elevator.

“Incorporating modern structures with historic structures is always challenging, particularly on such a notable site like the Washington Monument, but it’s also what makes projects like this so rewarding because we know the Washington Monument is an important part of our capital and our country,” stated company President Kathleen Linehan. “When you’re renovating an historic site, it’s important to provide sensitive treatment during construction, like when we excavated for the new visitor screening facility, it had to be carefully constructed so as to avoid any impacts to the historic foundation of the monument.”

Alpha Corporation’s work focused on upgrades of the mechanical and technological components of the elevator to provide increased reliability and service life, construction of a geothermal heating and cooling system for the new visitor screening facility,and construction of the new visitor screening center.

Loudoun’s Alpha Corporation helped build the new visitor screening center at the base of the Washington Monument, which reopened to visitors in September following two years of renovations.

Visitors now view a video describing the history of the monument on their 500-foot ride up. The screening facility replaces the previous, temporary structure with an architectural entrance better matching the monument. The glass structure also allows visitors to continue to have views of the Washington Monument, as well as the National Mall, Smithsonian Institution Museums and the Capitol Building as they move through the screening line.

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