Letter: Christine Matthews, Susanna Carey and Jennifer Roda, 1Planet

Editor: Virginians want a healthy environment and we need leaders in the Virginia General Assembly who will support policies that prioritize the health of our citizens and our natural environment.

Temperatures in Virginia, and around the world, are rising – unnaturally fast by historical patterns – and it is because of excessive carbon dioxide emissions. We have a moment in time – ten to maybe fifteen years – to act aggressively to bring things back into balance so we don’t see the worst impacts of a warming climate.

Already, Virginia is seeing increased rates of Lyme Disease and mosquito borne illnesses and an earlier start to pollen season with much higher pollen counts – making it hard for people with allergies and asthma to be outside. (source: Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action.)

Our warming climate is causing severe and unpredictable weather, including, paradoxically, both flooding and drought. Normal patterns are being replaced by the abnormal. Virginia’s unique Tangier Island could be uninhabitable in as few as 25 years due to sea level rise.

We have the ability to reduce carbon dioxide pollution by setting meaningful renewable energy goals for Virginia, investing in clean energy technologies, and boosting energy efficiency and so much more. But the time to act is now, before it is too late.

On November 5, Virginians will head to the polls to vote in Virginia General Assembly elections. In the last legislative session, foes of the environment and renewable energy threatened all citizens of our state with their inaction. We must elect delegates and senators who will act swiftly and boldly on climate change.

That is why 1Planet strongly supports Delegate Wendy Gooditis and encourages you to vote for her on November 5th.

Christine Matthews, Susanna Carey and Jennifer Roda, 1Planet

2 thoughts on “Letter: Christine Matthews, Susanna Carey and Jennifer Roda, 1Planet

  • 2019-10-11 at 7:48 am

    Some attention should be made at the county level as well. The BOS should stop waiving the “I will fully fund LCPS no matter what flag” to pander to parents etc. State code 22.1-79 specifically requires school board to emphasize “UTMOST EFFICIENCY”. What is wrong with requiring LCPS to efficiently run its buses with reasonable seats filled. When I was on the school board I had a study done which showed hundreds of routes with hardly any children on the buses some as low as 3 on a 55 seat bus. (This study did not involve special ed buses). I am not in favor of burying garbage either. Demand local candidates show their support as well. 🙂

  • 2019-10-11 at 8:34 am

    Tangier Island gets 25 years left to “live” or whatever, but the rest of us only get 10-15 years? Which is it?

    If Wendy Gooditis actually cared about human life, she wouldn’t have strongly supported of the ultra extreme and infamous HB 2491 infanticide bill — permitting the killing of children at the very second of their birth.

    Wendy Gooditis doesn’t care about us. All she cares about is advancing the far left extremist control freak agenda and her political party’s power over the people.

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