Letter: Ryan Gleason, Lovettsville

Editor: In the race to succeed Supervisor Geary Higgins, an official who has fought to preserve our rural countryside and ensure that Catoctin’s issues are resolved through common sense solutions, there is only one man who has showed that he is qualified to serve as Catoctin’s supervisor. That man is Caleb Kershner.

I’ve known Caleb for more than a decade and I sincerely believe that he is the best choice for Catoctin because his good judgement, common sense, and understanding of the issues equip him to make the decisions that most serve Catoctin and Loudoun County as a whole.

When the Board of Supervisors voted on the expansion of Route 15, Caleb used his experience, activism, and professionalism to protect Catoctin’s interests by addressing the Board and encouraging them to vote for Option B, which ultimately passed. This is the kind of official we want to represent us.

Throughout my friendship with Caleb, I’ve learned that his upbringing as a farm boy created who he has become today. That upbringing has given him his love of Loudoun’s countryside. This is why he addressed the Board of Supervisors in May about the Comprehensive Plan, urging them to preserve the balance between the rural west and the suburban east, and therefore preserve Loudoun’s beautiful farmlands.

The leadership that Caleb has displayed is the leadership that Catoctin deserves.

I’m voting for Caleb Kershner. I hope you will too.

Ryan Gleason, Lovettsville

One thought on “Letter: Ryan Gleason, Lovettsville

  • 2019-10-14 at 3:55 pm

    While I commend Mr. Kershner on his work ethic in his youth working on farms, we have a chance in this election to not just elect a “Farm Boy,” but a full time, current Farmer in Sam Kroiz.

    The newly adopted Comprehensive plan referenced here in fact removed references to the PDR program Loudoun once had to offer landowners another option instead of selling to developers when they were looking to sell their farm. Likewise, the current board also voted to rezone land along Rt. 15 to Rural Commercial to enable more intense development near the point of rocks bridge. The addition of another large gas station on Rt. 15 will do little easy congestion.

    When we have the example set by virtually all our neighboring counties outside of Fairfax enacting concrete, Commonwealth and USDA financially supported farmland conservation programs, we have sat on the sidelines while the taxpayer dollars of Loudouners who have purchased the “Farming since 1619” plates go to to preserve farmland for the next generation of ag entrepreneurs…in other counties.

    A a modest investment in a PDR program pays for itself incredibly quickly once its compared to the costs of infrastructure and services in perpetuity for new residential development. It also allows us to maintain the critical mass of prime farmland soils that are absolutely necessary to support agriculture and the overall rural economy in western Loudoun.

    Sam has been the only candidate to support the “all of the above” approach to protecting rural Loudoun, and it stands to reason since he’s the only candidate who has real “skin the game” with Loudoun agriculture and the rural economy.

    We can pay lip service to “protecting rural Loudoun”…or we can enact the programs that 22 other Virginia counties from Fauquier, to Clarke, to Culpeper, to Frederick have done and actually make agriculture, local food, and in turn lower taxes a priority in Loudoun.

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