Leesburg Council Tweaks Expansion Plan, Awaits Action by County Supervisors

The Leesburg Town Council passed some clean-up legislation this week that it hopes will bring the municipality closer to growing even bigger

The council first broached the topic of a boundary line adjustment between the town and Loudoun County last fall, in an area of the Joint Land Management Area that includes the Compass Creek development and a planned Microsoft office. In total, the BLA, which would require approval of both jurisdictions, would bring an additional 517 acres into the town.

The JLMA is an area where historically town and county leaders have agreed to cooperate on planning issues. That arrangement has been tested lately, following the Board of Supervisors’ decision to remove the Town of Leesburg as the utility provider of choice to the JLMA during its Comprehensive Plan adoption this summer. The town has since filed suit against the county challenging that decision.

Undeterred, Tuesday night the council passed two resolutions, one amending the initial BLA resolution passed by the council in September 2018 to update Parcel Identification Numbers, and another to make changes to the town’s Zoning Ordinance, zoning designations and Design & Construction Standards Manual to receive buy-in from property owners in agreeing to the BLA, also a requirement of the process. The council also met in closed session at the end of Tuesday’s meeting to discuss the pending litigation against the county.

Tonight’s 7 p.m. Board of Supervisors meeting will be a critical step in the process, as supervisors will consider whether to authorize county staff to proceed to the negotiation stage with the town on the BLA.


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