Loudoun Freedom Center Advances in Effort to Acquire Asbury Church

The Town of Middleburg received one response, from the Loudoun Freedom Center, to a request for proposals that sought to solicit submissions from entities interested in purchasing and restoring the 190-year-old Asbury Church property, which the town has owned for the last five years.

            Business & Economic Development Director Jamie Gaucher said the town is working to assemble a review team that will grade the Freedom Center’s response and make a recommendation to the Town Council on how to proceed.

According to the advertisement, the proposal will be evaluated on its plans to complete restoration work in a timely manner, its long-range financial plan, its plans to preserve as much of the building as possible, its plans to celebrate the property’s history, its plans to restore the interior as close to its traditional layout as possible, its outlook on the potential communitywide impact, and its proposed purchase price.

The Loudoun Freedom Center also expressed interest in the property in April, when its founder and CEO, Michelle Thomas, proposed that the town could transfer ownership of the 0.23-acre property to the center as a deed of gift. Two weeks later, Loudoun construction proposed to purchase the property for $50,000. The firm did not submit a response to the town’s formal request for proposals, though.

2 thoughts on “Loudoun Freedom Center Advances in Effort to Acquire Asbury Church

  • 2019-10-25 at 7:00 pm

    The African American community can and should take back the church from the Waterford Foundation. The John Wesley Methodist Church served Waterford’s African American community from 1891 until 1968. The deed says they can have it back for $500.00. At least take it back and sell it back to the Waterford Foundation at fair market value rather than ignoring the steal that it was. So much for bogus cultural preservation efforts.

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