Letter: Hillsboro Town Council

Editor: We, the Town Council of Hillsboro, want to recognize our mayor, Mayor Roger Vance, for his public service to our town and to our region.

Our mayor is not paid. He works tirelessly as a volunteer. He is one of the strongest advocates for the rural economy and for the public health and safety needs of his citizens.

We are proud that our mayor is a leading voice supporting the rural economy at every turn. It was our mayor that first stood tall against Rockwool and invited citizens to brief our council – and our Town was the first to pass a resolution against Rockwool as the air quality plumes and water quality issues could negatively impact our neighbors and the wineries of our region. 

Mayor Vance was the first mayor to sound the alarm and go to Short Hill and conduct a site visit when AT&T was preparing to build a huge facility on our mountain top. It was Mayor Vance, the first Mayor who spoke against this.

It was Mayor Vance, along with the western Loudoun mayors that spoke against the Planning Commission’s Comprehensive Draft Plan. It was Mayor Vance that spoke specifically about no net loss of farmland and the value of open space. 

It was Mayor Vance who directed our Town to offer community events free of charge, such as Independence Day the Hillsboro Way, the Summer Concert Series and many others, so that everyone is welcomed. And it was Mayor Vance who decided that our events should only feature locally produced food and beverages, loyally supporting our rural agriculture and businesses. 

For the last 15 years and over 50 public hearings, information sessions and presentations our mayor has been presenting the road project, advocating to bring traffic calming and pedestrian safety, congestion mitigation, safe drinking water, storm water management and a municipal sewer system to our historic Town. Traffic calming, so our children could cross the street – our Main Street –  without risking their lives as motorists speed in our Town; potable water to our citizens and businesses, so we can drink our water without having to boil it first; integrating a storm water management plan, so Rt. 9 does not have water on the road coming down the mountain side and eroding the road and our property foundations; and he has led the effort to install the first phase of wastewater, so our residents and businesses could see a future without pump and haul.

The Town of Hillsboro could have undertaken these four separate projects ripping up Rt. 9 within our Town boundary four separate times. But we are good neighbors, and that doesn’t sit well with us. By integrating all of these infrastructure projects into one 12 to 14 month project, with a limited full road closure of not more than a total of 60 days, we can bring the project on line safely with the highest quality of end product while we save all of us as taxpayers millions of dollars and we reduce the burden of road construction on the Rt. 9 corridor that could – if we did all of these separately – take 5 to 8 years! 

We recognize that any road construction project has challenges, and we in Town will feel the direct construction burden every day for about a year. We appreciate that our regional businesses will also have to work with us to encourage the message that the Rt. 9 businesses in Town and outside of Town are “Open for Business,” knowing we might, for a short time, have to use a local or regional detour. We will be done in a year – just in time for other transportation projects in the region to come on line – relying on our project to be completed first.

We are excited that the Historic Town of Hillsboro will be preserved and revitalized, and we know this will be an asset to Loudoun and will complement the wonderful agritourism businesses in our region.

Thank you, Mayor Vance, for your tireless work!

Vice Mayor Amy Marasco and Council members Stephen Moskal, Laney Oxman,Bill Johnston and Claudia Forbes.

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