Letter: Cathy McNickle, Sterling

Editor: Folks in Loudoun may have noticed the large number of campaign signs on the roads as of late. Campaigns are normally very careful about where they place their signs mainly because if they place them in the right of way there is a fine. It can be $100 per sign.

Buta Biberaj should be paying VDOT thousands of dollars – since over the past 10 days an explosion of illegal campaign signs big and small have been thrown up roadside in the right of way all over the county. Almost every exit off Route 7 has a huge illegal Biberaj sign at the off ramp. Why are hers the only ones there? Because they are illegal and for some reason every candidate has figured this out except her. 

This is of particular importance because Biberaj is running for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Loudoun, the top law enforcement position in the county. She has ignored the laws and done as she pleases. I think this explains the frightening reality of how Biberaj would run the Commonwealth’s Office. 

Added to these lawless acts are the facts that Biberaj has been fined for late campaign finance reporting. Even worse, as President of the Loudoun County Bar Association she was negligent and failed to file proper paperwork which resulted in them losing their tax-exempt status. The result was the Loudoun Bar had to pay back taxes.

So let me review, Buta Biberaj picks and chooses the laws she wants to obey, she has been fined for campaign violations and screwed every lawyer in Loudoun with her mishandling and absent behavior as the President of their bar. Further Biberaj has never prosecuted a case in her entire professional life, over 25 years. All of this makes sense because if you are a law breaker and don’t care about rules or deadlines you want a prosecutor that doesn’t want to actually prosecute anything.

Don’t be fooled by this candidate! We all take our safety and security for granted in Loudoun and it is not an accident. Crime is going down in Loudoun. We have multiple diversion programs and dedicated courts to handle some of the most common and heartbreaking cases like mental health issues and drug use. With a dedicated and professional team of prosecutors, as well as a great working relationship with our Sheriff Mike Chapman – Nicole Wittmann will continue her efforts to keep Loudoun safe just like she has the past 15 years in Loudoun. You can’t even trust Buta Biberaj to meet deadlines or follow laws. 

Cathy McNickle, Sterling

2 thoughts on “Letter: Cathy McNickle, Sterling

  • 2019-10-21 at 2:36 pm

    Let us not forget the finger waver’s illegal sign at Cascades.

  • 2019-10-22 at 11:32 pm

    GOP First Vice-Chairman Cathy McNickle- You fail to mention that Sheriff Chapman and Nicole Wittmann, who are our current law enforcement officers, have had their signs placed in the Right of Way for months. As the people who are paid by our tax dollars to enforce laws, why aren’t they the first ones to be called out? To Chapman and Wittmann, If you won’t do the job when you have the job- you don’t get to keep the job.

    This is clearly what is wrong with Loudoun’s current law enforcement leaders. They believe the law doesn’t apply to them or their Republican counterparts. For me as a Loudoun resident, I am more concerned with Nicole Wittmann lying about where she lived and having her deputy also lie. Rather than worrying about some signs.

    It was clear by the cell records that she only spent two nights in Loudoun in the six months following her registration after swearing she had moved into Loudoun permanently. If we can’t trust her about where she lived then how can we trust her period?

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