Letter: Ellie Lockwood, Ashburn

Editor: The Post noted that Nicole Wittmann is a skilled prosecutor (kind of a necessary skill set for this job) but that Loudoun “would benefit from a fresh approach that reflects concerns about overcriminalization, overincarceration and racial disparities,” which sounds a lot like the concerns of lawful citizens will be taking a back seat to criminals and completely overlooks Ms. Wittmanns record of advocating for children including her work over a decade ago that brought the Juvenile Detention Initiative (JDAI) to Loudoun County and over time has reduced occupancy rates by 75%. 

While the Biberaj mailer talks about providing access to treatment programs, she disrespects Wittmann actual record of bringing rehabilitative and diversionary efforts to Loudoun. She was instrumental in reinstating drug court, creating mental health court and NOT requesting cash bonds for low income and indigent defendants, accomplishments both Ms. Biberaj and the Washington Post seem ignorant of.

Voters who know something of Ms. Biberaj’s professional background find her claim of working to protect rape victims more than a little specious. As a defense attorney she ravaged rape victims, including one who has expressed gratitude to Ms. Wittmann for winning the conviction against Ms. Biberaj’s client. The theme of criminal over victim in rape cases was also of note when Rep. Wexton, in her career as a Loudoun prosecutor, offered plea deals to rapists and pedophiles and the victims no justice.

Nicole Wittmann is more than the “skilled prosecutor” identified by the Post, she has a stellar record, not only of convictions of heinous criminals but of convictions that stand against appeals in a number high profile cases. If we want to continue to see the annual drop of crime rates in Loudoun County, see victims treated respectfully,  and enjoy a safer community, especially for women and children, we need Nicole Wittmann elected to Commonwealth Attorney. 

Ellie Lockwood, Ashburn

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  • 2019-10-29 at 6:20 pm

    The person who wrote this letter is the same ill-informed individual who stood up at a town hall held by Jennifer Wexton and publicly accused Mark Warner of appearing in blackface which is, of course, completely untrue. Consider the source.

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