Letter: Kristen Kay, Purcellville

Editor: Even before I met Tia Walbridge in person, I was blown away by her energy and drive.

She and I came together as strangers when we both volunteered to help a local charity. At the time, Tia was managing two small businesses, leading a Girl Scout troop, and raising her two daughters. It was just days before Thanksgiving, and I didn’t expect to get a lot done. Certainly not in the first hour. But once we learned of the needs of the organization, Tia began a housewares and furniture drive. We didn’t even have a delivery address yet when she called me to say that she’d filled her entire barn. She found the address herself and loaded and delivered all the furniture and household goods in the freezing November rain. I tell you this because Tia works harder than anyone I know, she’s not easily daunted, and she is a fighter. She saw a need in her community and committed to filling it with a passion I would come to learn is her trademark. She will bring that same passion, determination, and focus to the Board of Supervisors. 

She first decided to run for office in January 2017 while attending a Town Hall and pressing her representative for answers, which he told her he did not owe her. Tia dove into politics on principle. She believes in true representation, in listening to constituents, and in being the change you want to see. If that sounds hokey, I promise it’s only because you haven’t met her yet. Tia knocked on 5,000 doors herself. Her old pickup truck almost fell to pieces on the hundreds of back roads she traveled. She got more votes than any challenger to her opponent has ever received. She didn’t unseat him, but her campaign changed the game in District 33. 

Undeterred, Tia announced her candidacy for Blue Ridge Supervisor in 2018. Along the way, she was appointed to the Virginia Agricultural Council by the Governor. She co-founded Save Rural Loudoun, and sits on the Board of Dandelion Meadow, a nonprofit dedicated to helping abused women. Tia also serves on the Board of the Loudoun Farm Bureau. She still runs her farm and rental property business while running for office. And, just as when I met her, she never fails to make time to show up in our community. 

We know we need more women in office. More voices from our communities. Better representation. Leaders who listen. Tia is all of that. A mother, a small business owner, a farmer, a volunteer, a Girl Scout troop leader. Daughter and granddaughter of public school teachers. A military spouse. A true representative who will fight for to be sure her constituents’ voices are heard. Tia will also bring the voice of a local farmer to the table at the Board of Supervisors, a group that currently does not have representation on the Board. Please join me in voting for Tia Walbridge for Blue Ridge Supervisor on Nov. 5.

Kristen Kay, Purcellville

One thought on “Letter: Kristen Kay, Purcellville

  • 2019-10-25 at 8:08 am

    ‘We know we need more women in office”? Why, exactly, is that?

    In an age when we’re told gender doesn’t define a person, why should gender be a reason to vote for someone?

    What is important to know about Walbridge is not that she’s a woman, it’s that she’s “all in” with the Democrat party. When she ran against Dave LaRock for the House of Delegates, she ran on “Medicare for all,” and while she talks a lot about “fully funding our public schools,” as a typical Democrat, she’s all about “choice” when it comes to abortion, but not when it comes to educating our children.

    So don’t vote for Walbridge because she’s a woman. In fact, don’t vote for Walbridge … period.

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