Letter: Craig Green, Hamilton

Editor: It’s election season, and events are fast approaching their final turn. Like a journey at sea, there are many hazards lurking before the final completion of this voyage. Excuse my flourish, I’ve been reading sailing adventure books lately.

            I live in Hamilton, the gem of Catoctin, far from the sea, but troubles face my town, district and county. This supervisor’s election offers a lot of risks for our region. The never-ending threat of development, the constant underfunding of our infrastructure and schools in comparison to those of Eastern Loudoun, as well as a game changing redistricting of the entire county after the 2020 census means that this year’s cycle of elections are as consequential as any previous.

            We can be certain that if the GOP candidate wins, then our western schools and roads will continue in their current form of benign neglect. We in the west are expected to trade our wonderful viewsheds for substandard conditions on Rt 15, Rt 9 and the western schools. This benign neglect has been the symptom of an eastern Loudoun focused GOP majority that has worked to keep their constituents happy while keeping ours at bay. They’ve been aided by the inexperience and ineffective leadership of our recent Supervisors. Redistricting by a GOP board will guarantee that Catoctin and Broad Run don’t see a Democratic leader for another decade.

This race has three candidates – Forest Hayes, a Waterford resident with deep experience working in the US congress, in two DC mayorships, against an inexperienced lawyer, and a goat farmer. The seat of supervisor is not something to take on as a training job. I’ve been on my Town Council for nearly 20 years, and can testify that government is not for beginners. Look at our current president to see how some skill sets do not transfer well to governmental success. I truly believe that Forest Hayes is the most qualified candidate on the current slate across the county, and his 2 competitors are among the least capable.

            Worst of all is Mr. Kroiz – to all my progressive and liberal friends out there, you can be certain in this day of partisanship, that he won’t win and the GOP candidate will likely squeak through if you support Kroiz. And even if miracles happen, Kroiz on the board will be more Republican than not – read the transcripts from the COLT debate. He quacks like a duck, believes the magic wand of deregulation will solve the Rural Economy, joked when asked about the serious issues of neighbors shooting neighbors, and his default response when asked for solutions is that further study is required.  Sounds like more of the same benign neglect and inept legislative skills we’ve come to know and love in Catoctin. You may have a warm glow of making a point by casting a vote for Kroiz, but it will be overcome by the horror you find when you’ve been washed up on the rocks of chaos. 

Craig Green, Hamilton

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  • 2019-10-23 at 7:35 pm

    Because all of Forest Hayes’ work in Congress and the DC government has produced, exactly what? Democrat Hayes is little more than a big government mandarin at the public trough, who thinks he knows better than everybody else in the room, based on his experience of getting nothing done.

    I’ll take the “inexperienced lawyer and a goat farmer” every time. People who have roots in Loudoun unlike city man Hayes. People who have forgotten more about Loudoun, than Hayes will ever know. People who actually care about what goes on rather than a man who looks down his nose at the rest of us.

    I was at the COLT debate. Hayes’ performance was atrocious. He didn’t directly answer nearly every question, but he did have these zingers from my hand written notes at the event — he stated “I don’t want Amazon people living next to me.” He stated that the Loudoun County Sheriffs’ Office and its deputies were not “Professionals” because they answer to the People and not the BOS.

    And my favorite; “Unless you actually do governmnet for a living, you don’t understand.” Poor us, that we’re incapable of understanding. He was insulting, condescending, and ill-prepared. I’ll take the goat farmer or the lawyer hands down.

    You’ve been on the Hamilton Town council for 20 years Mr Green. What have you accomplished in those decades aside from spending $700,000 town tax dollars on a handful of parking spaces… for the town office? What have you done for Hamilton? I know plenty of people in Hamilton. Most don’t even know who you are. Those that do, roll their eyes at the mention of your name.

    Your attack on Sam Kroiz is particularly hostile and unwarranted. Sam sees through the smoke and mirrors of both parties, which is likely why you’re scared of him. He put his hat in the ring to serve, and will likely do well, because unlike you and Hayes, he’s not been in do-nothing fat cat establishment government for 20 years. He has a real business and a real farm.

    This letter is insulting and derogatory to every Catoctin District voter. Your attack on Sam is going to backfire.

  • 2019-10-24 at 2:07 pm

    After watching years of different Loudoun Board of Supervisors go about their work, it becomes apparent that whatever their background, its impossible for any of them to be experts on most issues that comes before them. While all of them have done their best, the one area where they have consistently fallen short is on what to do about properly directing growth, and preserving and supporting Loudoun’s agricultural economy and farming future. Despite all the various backgrounds of folks on the board it has been decades since there has been someone who made most or even a substantial chunk of their livelihood from agriculture. This is not a slam on anyone, its just the reality of the situation. Its one of the reasons why despite heavily promoting tourism and the wine and brewery industry, we’ve still lost over 10% of our farmland just from 2012-2017. Having the real on the ground experience with the industry that still directly or indirectly makes up a huge portion of the land mass and economy of western Loudoun is critical. Far from getting washed on the “rocks of chaos,” Sam’s election to the board would provide an important “reality check” on what policies actually help preserve and expand the rural economy and which ones might just sound sexy or make a good slogan, but really doesn’t keep rural Loudoun rural, or help the rural economy thrive.

    Finally…Sam, Molly and their family have been in the community a long time, folks know them, and know them to be good neighbors, and real leaders in the community and the growing direct market ag sector. Trying to trash them only works if folks don’t already have personal experiences with the Kroizes to know what a wonderful part of the Catoctin community they are. I think Sam has a great chance for working with his fellow BOS members to help make the path for the next unique, small farm entrepreneur a little smoother and give them a little better shot at success, by among other things, keeping a critical mass of farmland protected in Loudoun. This helps all of our county’s economy both east and west, both through the business activity of the farms, but equally important the cost avoidance to the county of not having thousands of new homes that require millions in tax payer funded services and infrastructure to support.

  • 2019-10-25 at 7:39 am

    It’s apparent Mr. Green is just a partisan hack.

    He couldn’t write a letter about local politics without including a negative comment about President Trump.

    But since he mentioned the President, I feel the need to respond.

    Mr. Green writes, “Look at our current president to see how some skill sets do not transfer well to governmental success.”

    Well, I’m “looking,” and what I see is a booming economy. So it looks like Trump’s “skill sets” have transferred extremely well to governmental success!

  • 2019-10-27 at 8:42 pm

    Wow…This Green person has just confirmed my support for Sam is the correct choice. As a Republican, he has our support. Sam will make sure the best interest of Western Loudoun will be first and foremost. Unlike the other two candidates, Sam will look out for our interests and will j be looking to increase his bank accounts to developers and other special interest groups. Listening to the other two candidates now changing their message to match Sam’s is comical. More proof they are worried about this election.

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