Letter: Tom Bellanca, Aldie

Editor: Loudoun County is approaching a inflection point in it’s history. The days of unlimited and uncontrolled growth are over and being replaced by well-planned and managed growth. Any change back in the other direction would be a grave error for this county.  

Maintaining the current General Plan which includes an urban core in the eastern part of the county, a Transition Policy Area and the Rural Policy Area is essential to the future performance and quality of live in the county.

The recent changes to the Comprehensive Plan reiterated this need and only came under the leadership and implementation of Chairwoman Randall.

For the first time in this county’s history, it is allowing the capacity of the school system to catch up with the demand of students within and entering the county.This is a remarkable accomplishment, particularly when you consider that Loudoun County continues to be the fastest growing jurisdiction in the commonwealth.

Furthermore, we are finally catching up with road improvements that serve our community and reduce the number of hours our residents must sit in traffic each week.Wasted hours away from family and generally unproductive for our economy, detracting from our quality of life.The buildout of our Countywide Transportation Plan is occurring and being funded well beyond previous expectations.It will take continued leadership to implement the plan, continue to correctly prioritize funding and oversee contracting costs to get the greatest bang for our taxpayer bucks.

Additionally, the continued planning and development for the coming Metro Station will be essential to the continued quality of life improvements for the county residents and the future economic potential of the county.Never before has the Loudoun County economy performed as successfully and with sustainable growth as it currently is performing.

We need the leadership to continue the course we are on and Chairwoman Randall is the best candidate to meet those requirements.It is without hesitation and great pride that I say that Chairwoman Randall is serving this county to the highest of standard and with the exceptional character that we need in our government leadership.

         In this time of bitter partisanship and division on a national stage, Loudoun County must re-elect Chairman Randall and set the great example for the nation. I encourage all residents to get out and vote for the Re-election of Chairwoman Randall in the upcoming local elections on November 5, 2019, and let’s all together continue the path our county is currently on.  Together, let’s move this county forward and make it “better.”

Tom Bellanca, Aldie

[Editor’s Note: The writer was a candidate for County Chairman At Large in 2011 and 2015.]

One thought on “Letter: Tom Bellanca, Aldie

  • 2019-10-25 at 7:26 am

    Better? Really?

    Does Randall make Loudoun County better by violating the free speech rights of its citizens? I recall the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that Randall violated the First Amendment free speech rights of a local resident by banning him for 12 hours on her “Chair Phyllis Randall” Facebook page.

    Does Randall make Loudoun County better by voting in favor of higher tolls on the Greenway? In January, the board of supervisors voted to reject the Greenway’s plan for annual toll increases until 2056. Randall, however, chose to support the Greenway.

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