Letter: Gary M. Clemens, Ashburn

Loudoun County is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.One of the many factors that contribute to the quality of life here is our outstanding public safety organizations, including the Sheriff’s Office.Loudoun’s Sheriff needs the right experience, record of accomplishment and leadership skills.I have had the pleasure of working with Sheriff Mike Chapman for the past 8 years and I can attest that he has these attributes.

Most citizens may know of Sheriff Chapman’s effectiveness by lowering crime by 19% and making Loudoun the safest jurisdiction in Northern Virginia, but he has also been an asset to our local courts and public schools.Mike and his team of dedicated professionals developed a partnership with my office to immediately and properly update the status of individuals who are currently incarcerated withpotential probation violations.This project ensures proper public safety protocols are established in Loudoun County.Mike and his team have also enhanced security programs for the Loudoun Courts Complex to ensure the judges, court employees and most importantly the citizens who visit the Courts Complex are safe and able to conduct business in the courts and judicial or local government offices within the facility.The Sheriff’s court security team is providing training and other resources to staff in the Court Complex to ensure the safety of all employees and visitors.

Mike has a plan to enhance the safety of our children in Loudoun County Public Schools by expanding the resource officer program.This program will ensure our children continue to have a safe environment to learn and participate in school activities.These are just a few examples of the leadership that Sheriff Chapman and his leadership team have demonstrated.Any individual seeking the top public safety position in Loudoun County needs to demonstrate the right experience and leadership to protect our citizens and our assets in Loudoun.With over 40 years of public safety and law enforcement experience, Sheriff Mike Chapman has the relevant experience and visionary leadership to continue serving us and protecting us.I encourage all Loudoun residents to re-elect Sheriff Mike Chapman on November 5 to keep Loudoun safe.

Gary M. Clemens, Ashburn

Clerk of the Circuit Court 

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  • 2019-11-04 at 6:01 pm

    I will not contest your endorsement of Sheriff Mike Chapman but I will only say that the safety of our children in Loudoun County public schools is not a political game as you know and that the cooperation between the county and the Town of Leesburg must be the priority as we all consider funding and staffing for an expanded program of SRO’s in the school system. You need to know that this has not been the case. I encourage all citizens to consider who is best prepared to work through party affiliations to ensure that the necessary communications are happening to keep our children safe. I applaud Sheriff Chapman for his dedication and service but more is required and past experience alone is not the only qualifier.

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