Letter: Robin Scott, Hamilton

Editor: As a mother of elementary school aged children, I am paying close attention.With local elections rapidly approaching, I’d like to clear up some misconceptions around the house of delegates race.

Our children’s safety and education should be top priority.Ensuring they have the best teachers, feel safe and are given the resources they need to achieve to succeed.

How can we do that with our current delegate?We can’t!

In 2014 Dave LaRock voted to remove $1.5 million from School Resource officer grants in HB30.A program that provides school security.

In 2017 in house bill 1650 (HB1650) He wanted our tax dollars to be used as credits for private education, “school choice”.If a student felt unsafe or bullied, they could use money from the Standards of Quality funds, to find another option (not a public school.)He’s made other attempts at education vouchers in HB 2568 and another in 2016, HB1017.The Virginia Education Association Characterized this bill as, “ a way to siphon public monies to private schools”.These bills were also opposed by; school superintendents, school boards, and teacher unions.The irony to this; while saying he wants to keep children safe, is trying to defund the safety program and strongly opposes protections against LGBTQ bullying.He also wants to silence teachers who speak out about school safety.This bill appears to be for the benefit of bullied or unsafe children, but the intent is to give money to private and homeschooling alternatives.

He has also voted against increasing financial aid to community colleges.

In 2017 he was quoted as saying, “there is too much money being thrown around on education”.

In 2017 he also voted AGAINST including ‘CONSENT’ as part of age appropriate sex education, (HB 2257).The definition of consent is permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.This is paramount in keeping our children educated and safe in more ways than one.

I don’t like his principles, his motives or his priorities.Fully funding education is an investment in our future.His opponent, Mavis Taintor, a former teacher, agrees with this.She knows the value of a great start for our children and our children’s children.

I’m tired of his bullying, fear mongering, scare tactics and false narratives.It’s time for change.We can do better for our community and we certainly can do better for our children, which is why my vote is going to Mavis Taintor for Delegate.

Robin Scott,Hamilton

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  • 2019-11-01 at 11:15 am

    School Choice Vouchers will actually increase the quality of public schools in the long run. They will need to increase quality of education in order to compete for the funding instead of having a monopoly. I could see why teacher’s unions would be against this. But we should be thinking about what’s best for the children rather than what’s best for the teachers. As for Mavis Taintor being an advocate for the future of our children? How do you explain her $47,000 investment in TEVA pharmacuticals? (As evidenced in her election Disclosure statement https://www.vpap.org/candidates/289713/conflicts_disclosure/securities/?sei_period=27 ) Democrat Attorny General Mark Herring just filed a lawsuit against them over their part in Virginia’s Opiate Crisis. https://apnews.com/038172fda8764efe82c40f5e0f6b6324 How many parents children have had their lives lost or ruined by the company Taintor has invested so much money in?

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