Letter: Geary M. Higgins., Waterford

Editor:  I am writing to endorse Caleb Kershner as my successor on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.  Gail and I have had the privilege of knowing Caleb and his wife Whitney for many years. But my friendship with him and his family isn’t the only reason I have endorsed Caleb for my seat on the Board of Supervisors. Throughout the campaign, I have worked closely with Caleb and I know he understands what it takes to preserve what we know and love about Western Loudoun.  

One of the greatest examples is how, throughout the campaign, Caleb has quickly understood the importance of moving forward with critical Catoctin road projects such as Route 15 North of Leesburg improvements, the Route 287 and 9 roundabout, Evergreen Mills Road Improvements as well as the need to deal with Greenway tolls.  One of the most important issues the next Board will be dealing with are changes to the zoning ordinance to implement Loudoun’s Comprehensive Plan.  Caleb’s legal background and familiarity with land use issues will be a critical asset to Catoctin residents and to the Board.  I also have complete confidence that Caleb will work hard on behalf of Loudoun’s rural economy given his agricultural experience and background. 

Caleb is a proven advocate from Loudoun County who knows how to build coalitions and is the preferred attorney for the Police Benevolence Association in Northern Virginia. He is a private business owner and Attorney with 15 years of litigation experience and has served as a Loudoun County Prosecutor and as an advocate for education freedom on Capitol Hill.  Caleb works in Loudoun and is raising his family here, so he knows how much we value our quality of life, time with our families and friends, and the beauty of a sunset over the Short Hill and the Blue Ridge.  I know he will be a great servant to the residents of Catoctin and to the entire County.  I hope you will join me in supporting Caleb Kershner for Catoctin Supervisor.

Geary M. Higgins., Waterford

Catoctin District Supervisor

One thought on “Letter: Geary M. Higgins., Waterford

  • 2019-11-01 at 7:21 pm

    Higgins is a developer’s tool, so who cares? He will twist and bend the law while delivering wheelbarrow loads of pork to his buddies. Gave Loudoun Mutual $42,000 of our tax dollars so they could zone their property commercial in Waterford. Who does that? He says he is a preservationist until he receives the right incentive or arm twisting from pal Minchew.

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